Flair of the North with Formworks Art Gallery

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Flair of the North with Formworks Art Gallery


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Formworks Art Gallery, a décor boutique, presents its collection perfect for any setting.

1taj-mahal-cushion-40aed-1 1Taj Mahal Cushion

This quirky exotic piece is an ode to love.

40 AED

1red-cushion-40aed 1

Red Medusa Head Cushion

The Cut and color resonates passion and beauty.

40 AED


1warm-color-cushion-40aed 1Deep Indigo Green Cushion

A colorful abstract cushion is a must have!

40 AED

1wave-lined-cushion-40aed 1

Boomer Cushion

The embellished wave lined cushion sensing luxury.

40 AED


1yellow-leaf-cushion-40aed 1

Silver feather Cushion

The feather embellished cushion is classic.

59 AED

1aed-3500 1

Vintage Wooden Mirror

A mirror set in a wood frame, adds elegance to your room.

3500 AED


1dazzling-370aed-1 1Mosaic

Mosaic exemplifies a calm and composed environment.

370 AED


 1lucky-dragons-700aed-1 1


A Priced possession to have in any house!

700 AED

1master-dwarf-440aed-2 1

Merry Dwarf

This little bright piece is a Disney lover’s charm.

440 AED



 1spotted-mammoth-aed-140-3 1

Pachyderms Floral Painted Candles

This floral decoration with a candle holder adds a glow to the living room.

140 AED


About The Formworks Art Gallery: With a collection of luxury interior décor and matchless jewelry comes the Formworks Art Gallery. Catering to an audience that spans the world over, Formworks is home to many desirable gift options, antiques and decorative ornaments that add beauty and charm to any home. With a vast array of internationally acquired home décor, it is certain that The Formworks Art Gallery’s pieces are genuine artifacts as well as stunning pieces of fine craftsmanship that add class and culture to any homes.

The Formworks Art Gallery is situated in Jumeirah 1, Villa number 85, Opp Mc Donald’s Jumeirah Beach road. Tel: 04 3855700

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