Olympic medalists from Brazilian Rio will receive trophies designed by biathlonist Gabriela Koukalová and produced by Lasvit

Olympic medalists from Brazilian Rio will receive trophies designed by biathlonist Gabriela Koukalová and produced by Lasvit

July 26, 2016

PRAGUE – Czech company Lasvit again this year is the proud producer of Olympic trophies. These trophies were designed by and will be personally launched by Gabriela Koukalová, a double Olympic medalist in biathlon.

Aside from medals, all Czech winners from the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will receive a unique glass trophy, this time again produced by Lasvit. They were designed by Gabriela Koukalová, a Czech competitor in biathlon and winner of the World Cup, who won two silver medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

mage002.png@01D1E72E.367A9490Koukalová says, “My main inspiration when designing this trophy was my experience studying specialized minted medals and coins. My goal was to connect the trophy with motion, the symbol of all forms of sport. The essence of the trophy was therefore based on the design of a medal, with a line arising from that symbolizes movement.”

“Medals often end up stored in a safe, so we wanted to award the winners with something that will remind them of their Olympic success every day. I’m sure that the medalists will appreciate this year’s trophies as much as those awarded in Sochi.” Additionally, Jiří Kejval, President of the Czech Olympic Committee, comments, “Gábina personally received more biathlon medals than any athlete, including Olympic competitions, so these trophies will hold a special value for these athletes.”

mage003.png@01D1E72E.367A9490The Lasvit glassmaking company has a rich experience with the production of unique trophies, sculptures and awards. Czech medalists from the winter Olympic Games in Sochi received a Lasvit designed trophy in the shape of a torch. This year the company produced trophies for the world famous Tour de France bicycle race, as well as glass sculptures for the Czech Lion film awards. In past years, tennis stars such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray received Lasvit trophies as winners of the prestigious Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abú Dhabí.

LASVIT, a glassmaking and design company, produces unique bespoke lighting installations, glass art works and glass architectural elements, combining traditional Bohemian glassmaking with modern technologies and designs. The company was founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimič. LASVIT is based in the Czech Republic, with four production facilities and fifteen sales branches worldwide. The company’s turnover exceeds a billion Czech crowns.