RIMOWA presents a new product catalogue

RIMOWA presents a new product catalogue

Konnichiwa! With this Japanese greeting, RIMOWA President & CEO Dieter Morszeck opens the new catalogue, which was photographed in Japan. Through the catalogue, RIMOWA embarked on a voyage of discovery, visiting Japanese places and people who reflect the unmistakeable character of the country. Exciting portraits and reports offer an array of different insights into the fascinating nature of Japan whilst portraying the connection to the elegant RIMOWA suitcases.

Above all, the new colours of the diverse RIMOWA range were eagerly awaited. Bright Guards Red now joins the kaleidoscopic Salsa Air range. The intense red shade is not only a veritable eye-catcher amidst the Japanese mist, but is also easy to recognise from afar on the luggage conveyor belt. From this year, the world’s first polycarbonate case Salsa will be available in four matte varieties. Matte Carmona Red is a newcomer amongst the muted tones, and fits in well between Black, Blue and Bronze.

1Ambrosio_01_870_40_AZ_HF_rgb 1The Limbo range welcomes two new colours: Creme White and Granite Brown offer beautiful harmony and bring the perfect finishing touch to the portfolio of Night Blue, Black and Carmona Red. With so many colours, choosing your favourite suitcase will be no easy feat. So it’s all the better if a decision has already been made regarding size. After all, RIMOWA has an endless range of options to choose from here, too.

The polycarbonate ranges are to be supplemented by an extra size, which has already proved popular with the aluminium cases. Depending on the range, cabin baggage size 53 has five to six litres more volume than the previous hand luggage case. In turn, production of the trolleys with only two wheels will cease, since thanks to its four high-quality wheels, the practical Multiwheel® system offers effortless movement.

The latest innovation is the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, which replaces the conventional paper tag with a digital data module that is integrated into the suitcase. This means that owners can check their bags in while still in the comfort of their homes and simply hand them over at the airport in a matter of seconds. The digital technology, which is directly integrated into the selected suitcase model, is available with the following RIMOWA ranges: Topas, Topas Titanium, Topas Stealth, Salsa, Salsa Deluxe, Bossa Nova and Limbo.


RIMOWA is one of the leading premium brands worldwide for cases made from aluminum and the high-tech material polycarbonate, and it is one of the few manufacturers of travel luggage still producing in Germany. One could say that RIMOWA is probably the only German manufacturer with a history stretching back over more than 115 years with a distinctive, deep-rooted tradition – an exceptional position in the industry. To RIMOWA, ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘German engineering’ are synonymous with outstanding materials, brilliant technology and extraordinary product design, crafted to the highest possible quality. For decades now, the identifying feature of the collections, which are being continually optimized, has been the elegant and unmistakable groove structure of the case shells. The traditional company is based in Cologne and sells its products in over 65 countries worldwide through selected dealers and its own stores, the number of which is being continuously expanded across the globe.

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