800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria introduces an all-new menu at its latest branch-opening in Burjuman Centre

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria introduces an all-new menu at its latest branch-opening in Burjuman Centre

  • Experience the taste of Naples at the fourth branch of California-based franchise 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria inaugurated at Burjuman Centre
  • 800 Degrees Pizza is introducing its revised menu, including a host of desserts, new soups, set meals and many more varieties of wholesome Italian foods at the new branch location, which will soon follow through at the other branches
  • Originally, 800Degrees inaugurated in Dubai with its franchise at City Centre Me’aisem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 July, 2016: 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, inaugurates its fourth franchise branch at Burjuman Centre in Bur Dubai. The latest addition to the 800 Degrees franchise chain hosts the new menu innovated by the franchise-owner, Manish Jeswani, and Master Pizzaolo, Rosario Accaria, including an assortment of desserts and soups for a holistic Italian dining experience. Made with special Napoli 00 flour and ingredients prepared freshly every morning, 800 Degrees’ authentic Neapolitan Pizzas are baked to perfection in an almond wood-fired oven at 800 Degrees Fahrenheit. For those looking to incorporate an Italiano zest into their own food, 800 Degrees also provides a range of its in-house prepared Calabrian chili-paste, fresh oregano and peppadew peppers. 800 Degrees not only provides a whole host of retail items, gluten-free pizza options, scrumptious pastas and coffees, but also a refreshing variety of desserts and drinks inspired by the street-food of Italy.

1Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare 1Apart from its special salads, Burratas, Salads, sides and Gelatos, 800 Degrees also introduces its Brodo di Pollo and Zuppa di Pomodoro soups, new specialty pizzas Zucchini e Vongole, Campagnolaas well as two kids’ meals, as well as five special Italian desserts – the sweet Crema Catalana, the tasty Tiramisu, the rich Cannoli Siciliana, the delightful Panna Cotta and the bittersweet Caffe Affogato.

1Zuppa Di Pomodoro 1With a concept originating from Los Angeles, California, 800 Degrees brings a flair for Neapolitan style pizzas unlike any other to the region with its authentic Italian concept. Pizza Napoletana is made with just flour, salt, water and wild yeast to create a fluffy crust and a thin base. With a choice between sauces for a base, the entire experience eating at 800 Degrees is one of complete customization to achieve one’s own unique flavor in the food.

1Manish Jeswani - Managing Director of Eaters LLC and franchise rights owner of the US based 800 Degrees 1Manish Jeswani, the Managing Director of Eaters LLC and franchise rights owner of the US based 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, said, “We are pleased to open our doors at Burjuman, a prime location in Bur Dubai. This will be the first of our franchises to offer outdoor seating, which is excellent for the upcoming Autumn-Winter months. Not only is this a great location, but is also special to us, given that we’re introducing so many new, delicious menu items here. We’re hoping to tap into a different niche here at 800 Degrees, Burjuman Centre, and I hope that it provides easy accessibility to authentic Italian food straight out of our ovens!”

Under the leadership of Manish and Master Pizzaiolo, Chef Rosario Accaria, 800 Degrees Pizza is the ingenious pizzeria that bakes the perfect pizza to take the region on a tour through the rich heritage of Naples and back.

About 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

Founded by Anthony Carron in the US originally, 800 Degrees Pizza strives to honor the heritage of Old World Italian tradition with its Pizza Napoletana baked with only the freshest, ripest ingredients right in front of the eaters. Taking the UAE market by storm within the first week of its inception in Me’aisem City Center, the 800 Degrees Pizza Middle East franchise brings the true taste of Naples to the table with customizable and specialty pizzas made the Italian way. 800 Degrees is also open at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira, and more recently at Burjuman Centre. The Neapolitan Pizzeria chain has five outlets in California, two in Nevada, one in Illinois and more to come. The fast growing chain is also opened in Japan earlier this year.

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