Philip Stein unveils active wear timepieces

Philip Stein unveils active wear timepieces

Luxury brands unique ‘active collection’ timepieces are now available in leading stores across the UAE, including the Philip Stein boutique in the iconic Burj Al Arab

DUBAI, UAE: ‘Lightweight, stylish, fuss-free, and athletic’. If these words come to mind when you’re looking for a perfect watch for an active lifestyle, The ‘Philip Stein Active Collection’ will not disappoint.

Given that more consumers in the Middle East now have an increased desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, the active collection timepieces are a perfect fit for those looking for a seamless transition from sport and training routine, to home and work-life wear.

All timepieces in the active collection series are incorporated with natural frequency technology benefits, designed to channel natural, beneficial frequencies towards the wearer’s body and to help counter potentially harmful exposure from modern technology.

Each watch in the Collection, for both men and women, houses Natural Frequency Technology, designed to help wearers feel less stressed and more focused.

The simple, elegant, and sportive, steel round case, black chronograph dial with a yellow gold stainless steel bracelet for AED 2,850 is touted to be a hot favourite among the trendy watch lovers in the UAE.

Dubai-based Precious Times DMCC has the sole selling distributorship rights for the Philip Stein brand in 41 countries – including throughout the Middle East.

Dambir Chadha, chairman of Precious Times said: “The active collection timepieces from Philip Stein are perfect for athletic pursuits and everyday wear alike. With classically shaped bands, striking dials, and durability, the watches can be worn for grueling workout in the morning, as well as a formal lunch meeting.”

Some of the popular watches in the collection are- the yellow plated round case, black dial with yellow gold accents with gold plated bracelet for AED 2340; and the rose gold plated, round case black chronograph dial with rose gold accents and rose gold plated bracelet for AED 3060.

About Philip Stein:

Founded by Will and Rina Stein, the Philip Stein company evolved out of the duo’s desire to find a way to live in tune in a fast-moving world. As far back as the 1920s it was understood the human brain displayed electrical activity, then in 1952 German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered the Earth has a pulse i.e. a measurable frequency (7.83 Hz) surrounding life – identical to that of the human brain.

Philip Stein’s response was to develop a medium through which existing natural frequencies could be harnessed and delivered directly to the wearer. The result is what has come to be known as ‘the feel-good watch’: a luxury wristwatch fusing Swiss craftsmanship with Philip Stein’s proprietary Natural Frequency Technology. Launched in 2003, the timepiece incorporates a discrete disc which is worn next to the skin and acts as a tuned antenna designed to reduce stress, promote concentration and encourage peak performance and overall wellbeing.

In 2011 Philip Stein unveiled its revolutionary Sleep Bracelet. Incorporating the same Natural Frequency Technology, the stylish accessory is worn during nighttime and is designed to encourage a better night’s rest by channeling the natural frequencies associated with sleep directly to the wearer. Having sufficient sleep is thought to aid memory and problem-solving as well as promote a balanced appetite and help regulate the body’s natural functions.

Since then the brand has unveiled a full range of day bracelets as well as men’s and ladies’ wristwatches in numerous styles, all incorporating Natural Frequency Technology.

Dubai-based Precious Times is the sole distributor for Philip Stein products in over 40 countries. Established in 2004, Precious Times has the rights to sell the brand’s luxury watches and bracelets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.