The Aardee ‘Stone’ Kettle is in Dubai – Say No to Plastic!

The Aardee ‘Stone’ Kettle is in Dubai – Say No to Plastic!

Aardee – The German brand of electronic kettles offers consumers a healthier option to water consumption.

‘You are what you eat’, goes the saying and a lot of health-conscious people would have come across this phrase. But while it is true that what we consume plays a very big role in our diet and health, it is even more important to check what we are using to cook our ‘healthy food’.1Ceramic Kettle 1

Let’s look at the simplest kitchen appliance – a kettle that boils water. If it is made of plastic, the material starts to break down when exposed to heat, which impacts the kettle causing cracks and imperfections to develop. This further leads to unwanted chemicals getting into the water which is boiled in such plastic kettles.

These plastic kettles usually incorporate poly carbonate or polypropylene in the making. BPA can often be found in poly-carbonates in some resins; however, BPA in the human body usually disrupts the unborn fetus, infants, and young kids. There are some studies that indicate how BPA can risk even the development of obesity.

1Stone Kettle 1.7L 1

Significant exposure to BPA can cause health problems such as infertility, learning disabilities, impaired brain development in children, breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and more.

1Stone Kettle 1.2L 1And water is an essential part of everyday life – a life source within itself.

Intelligent and health-conscious consumers who look for a better alternative to the plastic kettle now have a solution.

The Aardee Ceramic Kettle and the Aardee Stone Kettle are two very unique kettles made of ceramic and stone respectively, with no plastic. With a 1.2 liter capacity and an in-built overheat protection to ensure complete safety at all times, the Aardee kettles are one of the safest and most healthy options in the market. The kettles are also cordless which makes them hassle-free in terms of mobility and therefore easy to use. Priced only at AED 79/- for the ceramic version and AED 99/- for the stone one, the Aardee kettles are available at all leading outlets and are distributed by Ideas91.

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