Bourjois creates La Laque Gel !


Bourjois creates La Laque Gel !

Your professional manicure at home
Bourjois reinvents « La Laque » its star varnish.
The new 2-step nail routine, no UV light needed!

12 Radiant and intensely pigmented gel color formulas

Fix & Shine

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The perfect partnership!
Expertly finished nails are now accessible, for up to 15 days of intense and radiant color and shine.

Make women’s lives easier!
With La Laque Gel, Bourjois makes the professional manicured finish easy to achieve, thanks to an easy nail routine, simple to apply for beginners as well as for nail enthusiastic!

La Laque Gel is easy to remove with a regular nail polish remover.

No compromising on Color either!
Bourjois offers a 12 shades range of La Laque Gel, inspired by catwalks.

A highly glamorous range enriched with pure pigments that dress nails like a made to measure wardrobe, to suit your every mood and desire.

Le Top Coat Gel, the new generation of top coat gel, is the last step to fix color, improve shine and create the perfect rounded nail look for a hold up to 15 days!

12 Radiant and Shiny Shades
A Top Gel Coat for a Perfect Finish.

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New T13 Reddy for love?
A passionate red to celebrate Love with a capital L

New T14 Pink Pocket
An eye-catching fresh and bright pink

New T15 Charmenthe
A deep green to be coordinated with a green cocktail

New T16 Un vert à Nice
The unmissable aniseed shade for the summer


T02 Chair et tendre
A baby pink, as light as a rose.

T03 Orange outrant
The most vitamin-enhanced and sun kissed shade!

T04 Flambant rose
Flirting between pink and red, definitely the colour of the heart…

T05 Are you reddy ?
Absolutely inc-red-ible! There is passion and sophistication in this shade.

T06 Fuchsia bella
A dashing fuchsia carrying promise of a whirlwind summer.

T07 Lycheers
A hybrid shade resulting from the combination of pinks and plum.

T08 Cherry d’amour
A ripe fruit shade, ready to fall or be picked.

T10 Beach violet
Mystical! A garnet plum with depths of purple tints.


Like a professional!
To achieve a flawless glossy manicure that lasts up to 15 days, Bourjois creates a simple two-step nail routine.

Step 1: La Laque Gel
A radiant and intensely pigmented gel colour formula, to be applied in 2 coats.

Step 2: Le Top Coat Gel
A long-lasting glossy gel to fix your color without UV light and to create a rounded effect for amazing nails.

1Bourjois - NEW - LA LAQUE GEL - New TOP COAT- 46 AED SAR (open) 1The result remains perfect for up to 15 days. The varnish can be removed in the blink of an eye with a regular nail polish remover and without leaving residue or damaging the nail.

Enamel Kit and Tell !

Discover DUO GELS!

La Laque Gel nail colour & Le Top Coat Gel.

3 kits based on the 3 bestselling shades of the range.

  • A pink DUO GEL with T02, Chair et tendre
  • A bright red DUO GEL with T05, Are you reddy?
  • A deep red DUO GEL with T08, Cherry d’amour

Brilliance at your fingertips!

  • New La Laque Gel
  • New le Top Coat gel
  • New duo gels kit

La Laque Gel – Price UAE/KSA:

  • New T13 Reddy for love? – 46 AED/SAR
  • New T14 Pink Pocket – 46 AED/SAR
  • New T15 Charmenthe- 46 AED/SAR
  • New T16 Un vert à Nice- 46 AED/SAR
  • T02 Chair et tendrev- 46 AED/SAR
  • T03 Orange outrant- 46 AED/SAR
  • T04 Flambant rose- 46 AED/SAR
  • T05 Are you reddy ? – 46 AED/SAR
  • T06 Fuchsia bella- 46 AED/SAR
  • T07 Lycheers- 46 AED/SAR
  • T08 Cherry d’amour- 46 AED/SAR
  • T10 Beach violet- 46 AED/SAR

* PROMOPACK- Enamel Kit and Tell: 74 AED

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