The Arcadia Preparatory School to welcome first intake of students in August 2016

The Arcadia Preparatory School to welcome first intake of students in August 2016

Located in the Jumeirah Village Triangle, the British-curriculum primary school is all set to open its doors to students for the 2016-17 academic year 

Dubai, UAE: Set to make its mark in the UAE education sector, The Arcadia Preparatory School will open the gates for it’s first intake of pupils in August this year. Located in Jumeirah Village Triangle, the school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for the Foundation Stage years and the new National Curriculum for England (NCfE) for Key Stage years and is all set to revolutionise the learning and teaching experience with its state-of-the-art facilities, excellent teaching staff, and a uniquely holistic approach to both pupil development as well as staff wellbeing.

“The opening of The Arcadia Preparatory School is a landmark occasion for Dubai’s educational scene and we can’t wait to welcome our very first intake of pupils in August,” stated Navin Valrani, the school’s CEO.

A unique aspect of The Arcadia Preparatory School learning experience is that all students in Years 1 to 6 will take part in the Enrichment Learning Programme (ELP). The ELP is an all-inclusive, in-school programme, designed to enhance and extend the school’s core NCfE curriculum by providing students with the opportunities to further enrich their learning through activities such as coding and robotics, animation, music and photography. The school has also signed up with to introduce the first ever entrepreneur-in-residence programme at a Dubai school.

The ELP also includes in-school homework support sessions run by the school’s teachers, freeing up precious family time for children and parents outside of school hours.

Furthermore, all students entering the 2016-17 academic year are automatically eligible for the schools scholarship and will be refunded 30% of their tuition fees for every year they are enrolled at The Arcadia Preparatory School. The fund offers a saving of over AED160,000 for students who enroll in FS1 and continue through to year six.

Currently, The Arcadia Preparatory School is attracting the attention of scores of parents seeking the very best in British-style education for their children. However, the school is making groundbreaking impact in the country’s education landscape with its 100% teacher-focused approach that has been specifically designed to incorporate far-reaching benefits in order to make teachers feel valued and respected.

The school is committed to maximising its teachers’ career satisfaction with generous packages- including purpose built, high-quality accommodation in the Arcadia House, which is very close to the school community.

Teachers will also benefit from a comprehensive continuous professional development programme to advance their educational knowledge and keep their skill base up to date.

The school is also deploying groundbreaking technology as part of its curriculum as well as its facilities. Deploying technology from the world’s leading technology companies, the school will be targeting to be an Apple Distinguished School for its one-to-one Apple programme as well as the city’s first LEED certified school building.

“All our meticulous preparations have come to fruition: we have one of Dubai’s best-equipped, purpose-built school buildings, an exceptionally talented team of teaching staff supported by a visionary senior leadership team, and an innovative programme of learning delivered alongside a stimulating selection of curriculum enrichment opportunities,” adds Valrani.

“The stage is set for achieving excellence.”

About Arcadia Preparatory School

The Arcadia Preparatory School, located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Triangle, offers the National Curriculum for England to pupils studying from Foundation Stage 1 (nursery) to Key Stage 2 (year 6). Due to open in August 2016, the community-focused school aspires to be one of the leading British primary schools in the world by instilling into students a lifelong passion for learning, and by nurturing innovation and the pursuit of excellence amongst the teaching staff.

The Arcadia Preparatory School is the first in a series of community-based schools delivering the vision of Mohan Valrani and the Al Shirawi Group. As the Chairman of the school, Valrani is an avid believer in providing the very best education for future generations.

Believing that a school’s greatest asset are its teachers, the group is building The Arcadia House, a dedicated accommodation facility within JVT for school staff. By offering the enhanced benefit of quality housing, the school is investing fully in its teachers’ happiness and wellbeing thereby encouraging them to aspire to excellence within the classroom.

The Arcadia Preparatory School’s curriculum includes a unique Enrichment Learning Programme (ELP) – an all inclusive programme, based on an extended school day – that complements the core curriculum, providing dynamic and diverse activities and rich learning opportunities for pupils, including in-class homework support. The ELP is provided at no extra cost to parents and is a core aspect of the school’s values and ethos, where lifelong learning is nurtured. In addition, the school is offering specialist support for English as an Additional Language (EAL) as part of the core curriculum for those students whose native language is not English. These extra curricular are offered at no extra cost to the parent.

Future Dubai-based schools for Arcadia Group include The Arcadia Senior School, also in Jumeirah Village Triangle; and The Arcadia Primary and Secondary School in Jebel Ali.

Address: District 9 Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai
Phone number: 04 558 5010
Twitter: @Arcadiasch

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