It is perfect with a tuxedo, in silk or in velvet: friends of the night. It goes with jeans, a pullover, leather or hide: travel buddies. It is ideal for a pinstriped, grisaille and dark suit: the business uniform. It is for men, forever and always. Uomo The Red, the new Trussardi Parfums fragrance, is as unequivocally masculine as dad’s warm and reassuring embrace, a sweet, heartfelt hug of a favorite brother, or a strong and passionate embrace of a lover you can’t forget. Embrace is the right word for this olfactive creation by famous nose Aurélien Guichard who started out from the great classics of masculine style (the sports car, greased leather derby shoes, and tie) to arrive at an Eau de Toilette as pervasive and lingering as an Eau de Parfum. Uomo The Red by Trussardi is the fragrance of the new alpha male who knows and dominates every nuance of passion.


There is a tinge of black in the red of Uomo The Red. It is as precious as a ruby, as sumptuous as silk velvet, and as full-bodied as a glass of Burgundy wine. It is a shade that comes from another era: it was called “morello” during the Renaissance and its somber splendor adorned both ladies and knights. Today it is one of the most popular colors in cosmetics: dark red is the choice for the nail polish and lipstick of very sophisticated women. It’s also a favorite of the coolest, effortlessly elegant men with a sensuous soul who don’t have anything to prove and are capable of great introspection.


Woody-floral-spicy, it was made to last and be remembered. Its head notes (lemon, nutmeg, galbanum, and cognac accord) express bold Italian elegance that is always sexy and carefree in men. The intense virility of the heart notes (geranium, violet leaves, clary sage) has the same genetic trace of Trussardi Uomo, the fragrance that started everything. The base notes (tonka bean, patchouli and leather) define the sophisticated sensuality of Aurélien Guichard’s olfactive creation.


The red bottle with opaque black zamak trim and cap engraved with the emblem of the fashion house launches a message – loud and clear – of sophisticated virile elegance. The name Trussardi Uomo The Red in gold letters magnificently stands out against the particular red shade of the glass. A blend of burgundy and ruby, the red of Trussardi Uomo The Red is a color that we’ll be hearing about.


The red velvet box with the logo and emblem of the fashion house in gold, heat- embossed in relief, reflects Italian excellence in menswear, a legacy of exquisite tailoring with a splash of eccentricity. It is a precious, elegant box for the new classic of Trussardi Parfums.


A complete production has given a new image to the main pillar of Trussardi fragrances: Uomo and Donna and introduce the new fragrance: Uomo The Red.

It includes everything, from the fashion movie to the photo shoot with the models starring in the story. The original soundtrack was composed and performed by “The Good Company” band, a musical project conceived and coordinated by Gaia Trussardi. The title of the song is “Is it over? No, not yet”, which repeats the claim and tells the story of this special advertising campaign created in Milan in the rooms of Villa Necchi-Campiglio transformed into a cool, super-chic gentlemen’s club, and on the Aperol terrace of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, with the spires of the Duomo cathedral in the background.


It is a sensuous tale about a breathtakingly beautiful woman (Alisa Ahmann from Germany, one of the hottest top models of the moment who was born in 1992), and a gorgeous man (Tomas Skoloudik from the Czech Republic, 30 years old, who has appeared in major campaigns for top fashion brands and has 57,300 followers on Instagram). Wearing an elegant, form-fitting nappa leather outfit, she hurries out of a car in front of “The Chaos Club” of Milan, located in a private residence with distinctive architecture: Villa Necchi-Campiglio.

It is the classic “British-style” private gentlemen’s club where women are not admitted. She is stopped by a butler in uniform who attempts to block her entrance, but she knocks him over and enters the main room, determined to accomplish her plan: to get back the man she loved with whom she recently had a serious argument and perhaps even broke up with, but now she realizes that he is the man of her life.

It is a love story between two strong personalities that cannot end because they still have a profound and undeniable relationship, which is also a metaphor for the unbreakable bond between the main collection of Trussardi perfumes, launched in 2011, and its countless fans around the globe.

The new campaign is by Cuneyt Akeroglu, a rising star of fashion photography. Turkish by birth and living in London, he won the prestigious Turkish “Kristal Elma” award in 2007 as the best photographer of the year. The covers of Vanity Fair UK, Vogue Turkey, and Vogue Spain are among his most important works.

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