DeG Reveals Pioneering Digital Table Technology at its 2nd Sharjah GITEX Workshop

DeG Reveals Pioneering Digital Table Technology at its 2nd Sharjah GITEX Workshop

  • New major interactive touch-screen table technology will be directly linked to DeG’s upcoming unveil of its new game at the early days of GITEX Technology Week 2016
  • 2nd Sharjah GITEX Workshop, organised by DeG, witnessed an attendance of 35 government entities engaging with new updates on the Sharjah Government stand at GITEX

Sharjah Department of eGovernment (DeG) revealed details of its new interactive digital touch-screen table technology which is set to become a significant attraction for visitors during Sharjah Government’s participation at the GITEX Technology Week 2016, taking place on October 16-20, 2016. The reveal took place during the 2nd Sharjah GITEX Workshop, which was organised and headed by DeG on Thursday 29th September 2016 in the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).11-1

DeG shared exclusive insights and details to representatives and senior executives from 35 Sharjah-based government entities on the touch-screen’s unique functionality, and its direct link to DeG’s major event-exclusive unveil of a new communal and highly-interactive game during the early days of the GITEX exhibition.

“The new touch-screen table technology will certainly reflect our innovative efforts in engaging with communities and industries locally and internationally on the most pioneering digital solutions by DeG, and will continue to represent our dedication to position Sharjah as an innovative icon for digital services that become part of our citizens’ daily lives,” said His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Director General at Sharjah Department of eGovernment.

HE Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi added: “We’re truly looking forward to unveiling this piece of digital art to visitors, tech experts and the public during our participation in the GITEX Technology Week 2016. In addition to its direct link to an upcoming ground-breaking game developed by DeG, we’re confident that its digital interactivity and original functionality will have people hooked from first sight.”

The 2nd workshop addressed attendees that the new digital touch-screen table will be one of many other digital technologies allocated all across the new Sharjah Government stand. The workshop also explained that the aim behind these innovations is to increase visitors’ interactivity and engagement with Sharjah as a brand, its local government departments exhibiting at the stand and the unique mix of the stand’s environmental elements and modern architecture inspired by Sharjah’s Al Noor Island destination. These technologies will play a key role in informing visitors on the locations of each government department on the stand, and will offer visitors additional information about Sharjah and its latest digital developments.

14-1Additional topics which were presented by DeG during the 2nd workshop included technical facets and operational tips on accessibility and logistics for participants pre and during the 5-day exhibition. These aspects allowed attendees to fully understand how to conduct their businesses in and out of the new Sharjah Government stand, as well as familiarise themselves with their respective exhibiting locations. Moreover, the 2nd workshop functioned as a key communication component addressing all attendees on DeG’s mission and vision behind promoting Sharjah at this year’s GITEX under the slogan “Sustainability and Digital Innovation”.

“Integration is a key player in our sustainability initiative, thus we organise and head such workshops to grant our partners from Sharjah government entities exclusive access to information that allows them to promote themselves in the best way possible. DeG organised the 2nd Sharjah GITEX Workshop and discussed the most detailed operational procedures, as well as addressed infrastructure specifics and progress of the new Sharjah Government stand, which is set to make headlines during the GITEX Technology Week 2016, thanks to its inspiration from one of Sharjah’s most remarkable and symbolic destinations, Al Noor Island,” concluded HE Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi.

This year’s Sharjah Government participation at GITEX 2016 will encompass 35 government entities during GITEX including: DeG, Sharjah Social Services Department, Department of Culture and Information Sharjah, Dibba Al Hisn Municipality, Directorate of Housing in Sharjah, the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the Sharjah Supreme Council of Family Affairs, the Sharjah Children Centres, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority and several additional government bodies across the entire emirate of Sharjah.15-1

The Government of Sharjah will be participating at GITEX 2016 with DeG tasked with organising the pavilion and representing the emirate at the event. The department is also responsible for providing the necessary requirements and digital services that allow Sharjah government departments to smoothly showcase their latest initiatives throughout the exhibition.

About DeG:

Established through a local decree No. 41 of 2009, DeG seeks to contribute to building a knowledge-based society through achieving excellence in digital and electronic transformation in the government sector, in addition to providing innovative electronic and digital services, employing highly skilled staff and utilising advanced operating procedures and technological systems which meet international standards. DeG also seeks to support the growth of economic, social and cultural affairs in the emirate, which forms part of the comprehensive strategy to achieve sustainable development in the UAE. DeG works in collaboration with other government entities in the pursuit of transparency and corporate governance as benchmarks to elevate its functions through the use of modern programmes, notably, the ‘Information, Communication, Multimedia’ trilogy.

In order to achieve its goals, DeG develops strategies, plans, programmes, applications and services of eGovernment, which includes the construction of infrastructure, the development and employment of common technical specifications and standards and the ensuring of digital and eGovernment services in all public agencies.

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