Introducing OUD Milano, an Italian brand, to the Arab World and the Gulf.

Introducing OUD Milano, an Italian brand, to the Arab World and the Gulf.

Milan, Italy, October 2, 2016-(ME NewsWire)- A local Italian brand opened its first shop in a strategic location in Milan a couple of months ago. Today the shop was visited by very well-known Arab bloggers from different gulf countries to enjoy the products and introduce it to the world through their own experiences.

1oud-milano_1475311238-1The special event was held with the presence of: Sondos AlQattan, a famous makeup artist and blogger from Kuwait, Dalal Aldoub, a well-known famous fashion and beauty blogger from Kuwait, Bayan Lanjawi a famous vlogger and social activist from Saudi Arabia, Yasmina Joujou stylist and model representative for Shoes and Drama from Lebanon, Mokhtar Chahine a well-known photographer from Saudi Arabia and Vivien Charrey, General Manager of OUD Milan, Italy.

The event was set with an oriental feel, music and costumes presented in an oriental style with a touch of a bold western radiance making the occasion a memorable one.

OUD Milano, a few months old brand from Italy with its first store in Milano and its second, third and fourth stores in Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia. It is looking to expand vastly in the Middle East, which is a part of a 5-year corporate strategy. “We have big plans for Europe, but we started by concentrating on the Middle East as it is dynamic, and has a strong customer profile that is diversified with so many ethnicities and oriental cultures that represent the essence of our brand, ” said Vivien Charrey, GM of OUD Milano, Italy.

OUD Milano awarded AbdulSamad Al-Qurashi, (a Saudi company ranked as one of the top 20 in the field of cosmetics and perfumes, with a strong base in the Middle East since 20 years) exclusivity to market its brand across the Middles East. Its strong name and presences will help flourish the brand in this region.

The brand consists of casual and chic oriental makeup and spa products specially designed to fit the lifestyle of the cultural woman. With sophisticated seasonal collections of colors and products, OUD Milano provides a wide array of options for stylish traditional ensembles.

Although it is high in quality and stylish, OUD Milano is priced within the reach of university students, housewives, and young professionals.

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