Celebrate the fall with enticing new range of Abayas

Celebrate the fall with enticing new range of Abayas

Nabrman’s new fall-winter collection 2016 comprises of light flowing fabrics, with contemporary geometric lines and bespoke embroideries

Dubai, 3rd October 2016 –  Nabrman, the Emirati fashion boutique, known for the exceptional custom-made Abayas, recently announced its new fall-winter collection 2016. As the wind changes its direction and mother earth set to wear the white blanket, Nabrman brings you to the threshold of fashion in the silhouette of elegance and grace.

Designer Hend Almutawa, elaborating on the fall-winter collection 2016, said, “The new collection is inspired by nature specifically from honey combs and waves. Inspirations are always contemporary to me and this collection has a combination of soothing whites, greys, and a range of deep colours. The collection embraces light flowing fabrics, and incorporates both geometric lines and custom-made embroideries as well as embellishments.”

Nabrman one of the most notable Abaya brands in the UAE that identifies itself as an exhilarating amalgamation of confidence and class.  The luxury brand aspires to bring out the contemporary art with the touch of vintage quintessential femininity, which is depicted in its new fall-winter collection.

The latest collection offers unique pool of designs to complement each client’s personal style with the dash of sophisticated panache. The pure and poise essence of womanhood is illustrated in the consolation of empowering assorted hues of the brand’s products.

Staying rooted to the culture and tradition, Nabrman focusses on the ethical design and manufacturing processes. Great emphasis is given to the authenticity of the raw material and craftsmanship. Further informing about the fabric sourcing and other sewing materials, Almutawa added, “Sourcing for fabrics is done locally through international suppliers from Japan, Korea, UK, & Italy while sewing materials sourcing is done locally.”

About Nabrman

Nabrman—which means ‘White Flower’ in Turkish— heritage is an Emirati fashion house specializing in high-quality and luxurious Abayas. The Abayas are a visionary collaboration of old world charm and elegant sophistication resulting in a contemporary mix of designs rooted in culture and tradition.  The brand, established in 2008, has emerged as one of the most desired Abaya brands in the Middle East region, with an ever increasing clientele of trendy and stylish women. For more information, please visit: http://www.nabrman.com/

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