October 26, 2016| Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This winter, the region’s most famed one-stop party palace COYA Dubai launches its newly revamped destination bar, the Pisco Lounge. Regionally renowned, the Pisco Lounge is the hosting venue for Dubai’s most anticipated yearly events including La Noche Blanca and Yelloween. Putting its best foot forward, the destination bar gets a makeover and, catering to popular demand, launches 14 new, contemporary concoctions.

Entering the Pisco Lounge, the award-winning design concept of Sagrada surprises guests at each turn. Here, guests are met with a sexy oasis of rustic elegance, vibrant décor, an extensive pisco library and warm, earthy tones. Sprawling across the Pisco Lounge are stunning indoor and veranda lounge seating lined with crushed velvet. Looking over at the 11m stretch of the bar, visitors can spot the trendy, funky bar team doing tricks, stirring, blending and shaking up a storm while the friendly and efficient cocktail staff entertain guests with sparkling personalities.1pisco-spray-1

Opening from 12:30pm, the Pisco Lounge welcomes guests with a light, airy ambiance before transforming into a fun, yet intimate and cosy getaway for the evening: the perfect venue for any time of the day. With indoor and veranda seating, the Pisco Lounge serves as a familiar and comfortable space for those looking to kick back with friends after work, as an after dinner destination or those simply looking for a party without migrating to a nightclub.

Home to a rare selection of homemade Pisco infusions, each specially ripened flavour lines the wall of the Pisco Lounge to create COYA’s moniker Pisco Library. The Library is unique to COYA worldwide and showcases more than 15 different flavours of Pisco; from the more popular infusions like passionfruit, to those for the more adventurous drinker- including spicy, chilli infusions. With something for everyone, the destination bar not only serves up the UAE’s most consumed Pisco Sour, it also serves an incredibly fresh new take on blended beverages and an extensive selection of some of the rarest Latin American beverages found in the region.

No Pisco Lounge experience is complete without the trademark beats of resident DJs Rogerio and Stephane Karl filling the venue from 9pm onwards. From smooth, Latin melodies to upbeat tempos mixed with Deep House, guests can drop in for a dance or leisurely lounge around listening to the famed tunes of the Pisco Lounge, any day of the week. Sundays are special as the venue kicks up the pulse, creating the perfect atmosphere for those looking for an alternate party scene to spend the evening.1edison-elix-1

To complete the experience, the Pisco Lounge launches its very own menu. Light bites to heartier dishes can be found on the menu, including the popular Patatas Churros (soft, fried potatoes) with COYA’s signature huancaina sauce- making it a perfect alternative for a lighter dinner or snacks to whet the appetite before an evening meal.

“The originality and passion of our bar team is quite unique. From carefully crafted blends to artistic presentation created to astound our guests, our team goes through great lengths to truly make each experience at the Pisco Lounge special. Our signature beverage lives up to our name with the original Pisco Sour. We serve approximately 500 a week and hold up to 170 liters of Pisco Macerados in circulation. We are currently the largest consumer of Pisco in the UAE with 98% of the Pisco entering the country being consumed by our guests. As our guests can tell, we also take great pride in being able to craft Pisco based beverages to some of the more original creations including the Edison Elyx which, true to its name is served in the form of a lightbulb or our fresh take on the popular classic with the Popcorn sour,” says Sany Bacsi, Bar Manager at COYA Dubai.

About COYA Dubai
Opening on the 16th of December 2014 in the Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach, COYA Dubai is a sister property of the famous Zuma and La Petite Maison in DIFC. COYA Dubai serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine and spans over 189 seats in the restaurant, 40 seats in the enclosed veranda and is also home to the colourful destination bar, the Pisco Lounge, extensive wine showcase corridor and stunning Members’ Club in bespoke furnishings. Internationally renowned as a one-stop party venue, COYA Dubai is the perfect place to dine, drink and dance. Seating 21 indoors and 25 in the enclosed veranda, the Pisco Lounge started the world’s very first Pisco Library with over 15 different homemade Pisco infusions and is Dubai’s most visited destination to sample a Pisco Sour. With a cigar lounge in tow, the COYA member’s club is not only home to a roster of some of the finest live acts playing seven days a week, it is also the hosting venue for many of the art exhibitions under the COYA Collective. As part of COYA’s unique, multi-dimensional dining experience, the COYA Collective exists as a form of expression and acts as a link between cuisine and the arts.

About COYA
COYA’s flagship restaurant was launched in London on the 15th November, 2012. Two years later in 2014, COYA London takes home the prestigious title ‘Best Restaurant of the Year’ at the London Lifestyle Awards and goes international, bringing the same vibrant spirit of Latin America to Dubai and Miami. Famed for its bespoke décor, designed by the London based design team Sagrada, COYA links vibrant, contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a cultural experience. Hosting a continuous flow of artistic entertainment in music and the arts all year round, COYA is renowned for its creative cuisine and dynamic dining experiences.

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