• Nineteen student teams compete at Dubai Kartdrome

Dubai, UAE, 20 February 2017:  Swiss International Scientific School (SISS) Team 1, with brothers Keanu Al Azhari and Adam Al Azhari, dominated Round Two of the Emirates Schools Karting Championship (ESKC) Junior category at Dubai Kartdrome on Sunday night (19 February), with JT Racing topping the Nomad Class.

In the first of four sprint races, it was the partner team SISS Team 2 who took initial control with Constantin Reisch soaring in for the win 15.974 seconds ahead of Adam Al Azhari of SISS Team 1.  Iya Seys of Dubai International Academy claimed third.

Harry Hannam of Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) Team 1 was the star of Race Two, winning the contest 8.463 seconds ahead of Theo Abram of Dubai International Academy.  Adam Al Azhari of SISS Team 1 was next up to secure third place.

SISS Team 1 was in the mix for the second race. With Keanu in the driver’s seat, he cruised to victory 12.932 seconds ahead of another Al Azhari brother, Enzo, of SISS Team 3.  Dubai International Academy put up a good fight, with Iya Seys nabbing third.

With Constantin Reisch taking over for SISS Team 2 in the final race, he proved once again that he is one of the quickest drivers of the series.  He clocked in the fastest lap time of the event at 1:19.231 in a fierce battle with Enzo Al Azhari of SISS Team 3.  Constantin seized the win just 1.594 seconds ahead of Enzo.  Harry Hannam of DESS Team 1 trailed in for third place.

When the points were tallied after the four heats, SISS Team 1 claimed a Round Two victory on 116 total points.  Dubai International Academy earned second place with 107 points and SISS Team 2 was right behind on 102 points.

Getting the win wasn’t always easy.  Keanu Al Azhari of SISS Team 1 said: “I won my first race in Race Three, but I didn’t have so much luck in Race Four.”

Adam Al Azhari said: “It was very difficult, there was a lot of traffic in the beginning, and the second race, it was good; I was dodging everything.”

In the Nomad Class, with teams comprised of students from different schools, it was JT Racing, with drivers Theo Gid and James Bernard, who came out on top, winning three out of the four heats.

Kayne Cherian, Joshua McGregor, Vladik Dashkovsky and Elie Nassar of Dragsters DXB wrapped up second place in the Nomad Class, and the Villa Bandits, with Rio Sharman and Ronan Deegan, claiming the third step on the Nomad podium in its debut ESKC Junior race.

David Bright of Dubai Kartdrome said: “It was excellent to see striking improvement in all of the teams from the first round; the students are working hard and learning their craft.”

Round Three of the ESKC Junior Championship will take place on Monday, 5 March 2017 at Dubai Kartdrome.