UAE, February 2017: Ayah Al Bitar, founder of AYA The Art of Living, is proud to announce her first ever-solo exhibition and the debut of never-before-seen products at Dubai Design Days, this March 2017. The leading art fair in Downtown Dubai presents the ultimate platform for Ayah Al Bitar to unveil her ever-expanding product line and to convey her 2017 vision to advance technique experimentation and develop ways to implement progressive materials throughout all design processes. Following a string of highly successful launches over the past two years, Ayah is delighted to celebrate her successes to date and to communicate her foresight for AYA The Art of Living in the GCC through an exclusive reveal to both regional and international clientele and industry professionals.

As with all AYA The Art of Living designs, connecting the past with the present is fundamental to the design process, linking tradition with modernity. Guests of Dubai Design Days will witness the Dubai debut of ‘The Sanctuary’, with four limited edition Sanctuary variations on show, as well as the reveal of never-before-seen designs, telling the story of culture and traditions.

‘The Sanctuary’ is one of Ayah’s masterpieces launched in Saudi during Ramadan of 2016. ‘The Sanctuary’ is a concept built on meditation, a true sense of relaxation, as well as aid storage solutions for the act of Islamic praying. A concept born as a result of aiding situations in day-to-day lives; specifically developed to facilitate the pre-prayer routine.  The Dubai debut of five new Sanctuary designs will represent AYA The Art of Living’s vision of material exploration for the following year. Ayah Al Bitar will present five limited edition pieces, each in varying and distinctive materials; statuario marble, Ashford black marble, mirror finished stainless steel and carved roses wood. These redesigned Sanctuaries depict the brands forward thinking in terms of advanced techniques, broadened knowledge of varying materials and a strengthened comprehension of marble work.

Ayah Al Bitar, CEO and Founder of AYA The Art of Living comments on the upcoming showcase: “Dubai Design Days is an incredibly prestigious platform both regionally and internally, I am so proud to not only be a part of the show but to reveal all that myself and my team have been working on for the past year. We have seen tremendous success to date with the classic Wisada’s, the launch of The Sanctuary and most recently the Masbaha line. As a brand this year, we are focusing on developing and experimenting through new designs, techniques and materials; as a result we have some exciting new launches in the pipeline. Dubai Design Days showcase is the first of many product reveals in 2017. I’m truly excited by the way AYA The Art of Living is developing. We’ve made a good first impression in the market, and now, I can only hope to aid this region in having a voice in the design industry but also bringing more art and design into everyday life.

Ayah Al Bitar has truly taken a step forward in material / technique exploration in order to stand out on a regional and international level. Dubai Design Days proves an optimum platform to convey the story of AYA The Art Of Living and to build the credibility and recognition of emerging talent from the GCC.

Visit Ayah Al Bitar at Dubai Design Days located in G24 to witness her latest inventions that merges an array of fresh and contemporary designs, while communicating a relevant discussion, the perfect synergy between design and social topics of conversation.

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About AYA The Art of Living

AYA The Art of Living creates limited edition contemporary products and furniture that emerge from the essence of creativity. It features designs fostering form and function as well as conceptual pieces relative to the Arab world. It emphasizes problem solving in an in-directional manner and provokes thought.