Celebrate Seville’s 16th Anniversary the WAFI way!

Wafi’s much-loved ‘In the Park events’ will return on Thursday, 16th March, 2017, with another spectacular performance of Andre Reyes and his group live on the picturesque rooftop gardens.

André Reyes was born in Arles, a town in southern France. He is one of the founders and main member of The Gipsy Kings, a group of musicians from Arles and Montpellier in the south of France who perform in Spanish with an Andalusian accent. They are known for bringing Catalan rumba, a pop-oriented music distantly derived from traditional flamenco music, to worldwide audiences. In 1992 André Reyes recorded a solo album, but never released it officially although pirated copies found their way into the hands of fans and were released online. André Reyes, lead singer and guitarist, sings in different styles which mainly includes traditional and popular elements of flamenco and rumba music. With his glamorous and passionate voice, he became one of the most famous Flamenco Rumba singers in the world. While with the Gipsy Kings, André Reyes sang many songs like Bamboleo, Volare, La Dona, Djobi Djoba and many other famous titles, as well as won many awards such as The Grammy in 2014 for Best World Music Album Category and Les Grand Prix De La Sacem in 2012 to name a few. Andre Reyes’s current group consists of four talented family related musicians.

Jose Reyes (Guitar and Vocals) Jose Reyes is the nephew of André and the son of Pablo Reyes (Brother of Andre and X member of the Gipsy Kings). Jose has been very talented from a very young age, and was influenced by his father, uncles and not to forget his grandfather the legend Jose Reyes (the true founder of the Gipsy Kings). He has had great and successful tours along with the Gipsy Kings in the past few years.

Thomas Reyes (guitar / vocals) is the son of André Reyes. He was 16 years old when he first got on stage. The progress of his father André, improved his talent by time.

Mario Regis (Solo Guitarist) Mario Regis was born in La Camargue region of southern France. Mario is the lead Solo guitarist of Andre Reyes des Gipsy Kings group, and the son in law of Patchai Reyes (brother of Andre and X member of the Gipsy Kings).

Mario Regis was influenced by many Gipsy musicians such as Paco De Lucia and Manitas De Plata who officially handed over the torch to him few years ago.

Mario’s magical fingers inflamed the concert halls of the whole world for many years. His musical influences combine Flamenco, Bossa nova, Jazz and classical guitar, giving his nobleness to genuine and lively gypsy music.

He performed on albums with many other artists and played several times with the group Gipsy Kings.

Francois Amador known by the nickname ‘Petit Canut’ (guitar / vocals) is the son of Pablo Reyes from the Gipsy Kings.

Souen Nenesse Camaro Reyes famous by the nickname Kakou Reyes (guitar /singer) is the nephew of Andre Reyes. With the Seven Kings, Kakou Reyes have already performed in several countries and amazed the audience with his great presence on stage. The group’s music has a particular rumba flamenca style, with pop influences. Their music has been described as a place where “Spanish flamenco and gypsy rhapsody meet salsa funk”.

“After last year success, I am very pleased to welcome Andre Reyes and his group to back to Seville’s to celebrate another Anniversary” says Mariano Andres, General Manager of Pyramids Restaurants at Wafi. “With their spectacular performance I am confident that Seville’s 16th birthday will be a memorable one! The very first Spanish tapas bar and restaurant that opened in Dubai 16 years ago will remain as the number one authentic Spanish restaurant in Dubai,” added Andres.

Tickets are priced at Dhs150 per person, and are inclusive of two selected beverages per person.  Visitors are welcome to enjoy the giant beanbags and experience a lively night of Spanish music. Food items will be available for purchase from Wafi’s award winning restaurants.

The performance on 16th March starts at 9pm, doors open at 8pm and advance pre-payment is required. For further details please call 04 324-4100, or visit