Charming Fashion show offered by Emirati distinctive designer “Asmar “

Night of One Thousand and One Nights

Charming Fashion show offered by Emirati distinctive designer “Asmar “

Dubai, UAE – 03/05/2017: On a special night where fashion, beauty  and art are mixed, a collection  of amazing  fashion shows  are  held  yesterday  in (Ruth’s  Chris Steak House)  restaurant in Address Dubai Marina, presented by Emirati magician designer  “Asmar ” who  introduced an innovative range of the latest creations of evening dresses “haute couture” ,abayas and “Ready to wear” clothes , with the presence of celebrities, VIP, people of art, media ,community and guests interested in the world of fashion, like abdulah balkher,madlin matar,jalila & maher alkhaja.

The designer proves his professinality in the fashion industry in Arab world and world of fashion through his quality of designing and pay attention to detail and selection of fabrics and yarns which is suitable for dresses and abayas.

On this occasion, Asmar said : “I am taking care of every detail in my collections  I design  with all  professionalism and technical details on all  dresses or abayas, and this is my pathway  to walk or production that we do, we seek to prove ourselves to a lot of competitors through the quality of work regularly and accuracy even in the selection of fabrics and yarns  which  is suitable for dresses and Abayas so that people see the extent of our creativity, and we have a specific strategy to reach out to all communities and  cope with  all cultures and civilizations with a team following updated  trends and fashion news in the world. Although my love for sewing machines gives beauty and creativity is what made me gain a lot of experience in the fashion world”.

About “Asmar”

Raising his pen … to build bridges between the world’s civilizations and United Arab Emirates and its originality and history to show a beautiful touch in Emirati hands represented by   passion of designer and his beautiful designs that we have be used to it in Arab world and fashion world..

Asmar is emeriti designer, 38 years, start his professional designing in 2000 and has a love and passion for creativity in trendy designs that show civilizations and creations of United Arab Emirates starting to grab pen and paper and draw a design of modern ideas or connected ideas between Arab countries and   originality and history of UAE.

Starting from the crafty beginnings and his admiration for art of design ,then he practice  designing profession and studied until  his creations in  Fashion Design  spread from  Gulf to  morocco  with aspirations of  reaching  world level if  God willing ..

The designer challenged himself and the world to compete in the field of designing and fashion and his ability to produce large quantities of dresses that carry his creations.

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