OMNI Dubai

OMNI Dubai
Opening Nights to remember with Hatem Al Iraqi and Maya Diab

Dubai May 2nd 2017 This weekend, Megamix launches Omni Dubai at Wafi Complex unveiling new stunning nightlife space with a state-of-the-art sound and light ready to daze the most discerning party-goers and trendsetters in Dubai and the region.

Spreading out luxuriously over two floors, OMNI Nightclub will offer a lavishing nightlife experience for elite guests who are ready to reignite their party senses with Hatem Al Iraqi on May 4th 2017 and Maya Diab on May 5 2017.

The location is the centerpiece of the venue greeting guests with an amazing light show highlighted by extensive moving heads and LED effects. The custom-made DJ booth is strategically located among an array of VIP tables, ready to bring the energy of some of the world’s premier dee jays to you live and direct. The mezzanine level offers more VIP seating in a more intimate setting along with amazing views of the main floor.

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