Goal Fest Excites Spectators on Day Six of Sharjah Ramadan Football Championship

Goal Fest Excites Spectators on Day Six of Sharjah Ramadan Football Championship

  • Al Embrator demolishes Al Jawarih with a 12-2 victory
  • Abdul Rahman Fahd scores four goals in a single match
  • Extra takes valuable three points
  • Al Jawarih breaks run of poor performance to earn points

Day six of the Sharjah Ramadan Football Championship (SRFC) proved to be a veritable goal fest, with three drama-filled games taking place at Sharjah Sports Club on Sunday night. The halfway point in the annual tournament saw heated competitions between participating teams determined to battle it out and enter the final stages of the competition.

The first match of the evening brought out Al Embrator, which had taken the lead in the competitions’ Group Three, to play against Al Zaeem, third placed in the group. The game got off to a pulsating start with Ahmed Mohammed scoring the first goal for Al Embrator in the second minute and a few seconds later, netting the second.

Al Zaeem played fiercely to prevent their rivals from adding to their score sheet, but it proved to be an impossible task, with more goals finding their way past Al Zaem’s goalkeeper Saud Al Shaiba. In a spectacular strike, Abdul Rahman Fahd scored the third goal for Al Embrator in the fifth minute and in the ninth minute, netted his second, taking his team’s tally to four.

Al Embrator intensified their attacks against their rivals, with Mohammed Obeid scoring the fifth goal for his team in the 10th minute, followed by his teammate Mohammed Bouladi, who netted the sixth goal in the 13th minute.

A few seconds later Al Zaeem’s Hamad Al Shamsi clawed one back to open his team’s score sheet, only for Al Embrator’s Ahmed Mustafa to put his team’s seventh into the back of the Al Zaeem net, with the first half ending 7-1 to Al Embrator.

The second half saw both teams come out playing fiercely, with Serbian player Marco Berge scoring Al Embrator’s eighth goal in the third minute. Thamer Al Junaibi was able to restore some pride to his team by netting Al Zaeem’s second goal in the sixth minute following an attack made on the break.

Rather than sit back and defend their lead, Al Embrator continued to press home their attacks, with the result that Hamad Suroor scored the ninth goal for his team in the 12th minute. This was swiftly followed by Abdul Rahman Fahd who took his team’s score into double figures a minute later and then added an eleventh goal in the last minute of the match, taking his personal tally in the game to four. In the final seconds of the game, Marco Berge netted the 12th goal for Al Embrator, with the match ending in a stunning 12-2 victory for his team.

The second game of the evening saw Al Hamriya, which had taken the lead in competition’s Group Four, face their rivals Extra, the runners-up in the group. Extra started the game eager to clinch a win over Al Hamriya to maintain their presence in the tournament.

The first half of the match began with successive strikes on goal from both teams, with neither able to convert their chances. The impasse continued until the 12th minute when Mahmoud Ibrahim scored the first goal for Extra after successfully slotting the ball past Al Hamriya goalkeeper Khalid Al Jarmin.

In the second half, both teams came out playing with renewed determination. They intensified their strikes, but neither was able to break the defence of their rivals and score. The two teams continued their tit-for-tat attacks and the match ended with a 1-0 win for Extra.

The third and final match of the evening saw Al Jawarih play against Markaz Shabab Al Sharjah, with both aiming to clinch three precious points that would keep them in the tournament.

The opening few minutes of the game proved to be an exciting affair, with Rashid Obeid scoring the first goal for Al Jawarih. The high tempo of the match continued with quick manoeuvres and solid defence by both teams, but neither was able to break the defence of their rivals and score, resulting in the first half ending 1-0 to Al Jawarih.

The second half of the game saw the confrontation between the two teams intensify. Shabab Al Sharjah fought hard to defend their goal, but their defence could not withstand the onslaught for long and Al Jawarih’s Hamdan Al Thani scored his team’s second goal in the fourth minute. This was followed by Rashid Obeid Mohammed who netted Al Jawarih’s third and then fourth goal, securing his hat trick.

One minute before the final whistle, Egyptian Al Moataz Bellah Abdul Samei scored the fifth goal for Al Jawarih, followed directly by goal number six from a free kick. The match ended with a 6-0 win for Al Jawarih, which earned them three precious points and strengthened their chances to qualify for the SRFC quarterfinals.

Also participating on the sixth day of SRFC were prominent Emirati football personalities Qassim Ashour, former player of Sharjah Club and UAE national handball team and Hassan Al Mazmi, coach of the national beach football team. In a gesture of tribute and best wishes, the Organising Committee of the tournament and players from “Al Jawarih” and “Markaz Shabab Al Sharjah” expressed their hopes for the speedy recovery of renowned TV presenter Mustafa Al Agha and goalkeeper Jamal Abdullah, both of whom underwent surgery recently.