GCSS Hosts Seminar on Prefabricated Modular Data Centres Featuring Industry Leading Experts from Germany, USA, UK and France

GCSS Hosts Seminar on Prefabricated Modular Data Centres
Featuring Industry Leading Experts from Germany, USA, UK and France

Responding to the growing need for integrated Data Centres solutions, Gulf Computer Support Systems (GCSS), a leading Data Centre infrastructure provider in the GCC countries, is hosting a seminar on the scalable modular Data Centres during GITEX Technology WEEK October 2017. The seminar, taking place on the 9th of October at the exclusive “Dubai World Trade Centre Executive Club”, focuses on the latest trends in Data Centres solutions and will bring together international experts from the different fields of the industry.

Representatives from Germany, United States, United Kingdom and France will be present in Dubai to discuss their full insights on the new trends in the Data Centres industry including the Pre-Fabricated Modular Data Centres featuring essential technologies such as Precision Cooling, Backup power, Access Floors, Liquid Leak Detection as well as focusing on the Micro Data Centres.

The various integrated solutions of which the Data Centre comprises will be thoroughly presented by leading global providers.

Speakers from STULZ-Technology Integration, a UK based leading provider of Scalable Modular Data Centres, STULZ, a leading German provider of Precision Air Conditioning, General Electric- GE Industrial a USA based leading provider of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), TATE Access Floors, a USA based provider of raised access flooring and structural ceilings, and TTK, a leading France based provider of Digital Liquid and Oil Leak Detection technology, will showcase the new infrastructure solutions that are aimed to save cost and time of building traditional Data Centres.

Data Centre Companies and Professionals, Consultants, Public Sector IT departments, IT Managers, Contractors, Representatives from Telecom Operators, Industrial and Commercial Organisations among other concerned parties will be present at the seminar to explore the latest advanced solutions in the industry.

The Seminar holds special significance as the industry is set to witness a surge in Edge Data Centre deployments. “With corporations in a race to modernize, provide advanced solutions and business models, they’re demanding infrastructure that’s flexible enough to keep up with the latest developments. Industry leaders will be presenting the latest trends in the industry during the seminar, focusing on the Pre-Fabricated Modular Data Centres as well as the Micro Data Centers from STULZ, their features and advantages to end users” said Krikor Jabourian, Managing Partner, GCSS.

“The new pre-fabricated modular Data Centres are scalable, which allows organizations to order the features that best suit their current requirements and upgrade in the future if required, as a result the cost of ownership will be lowered. These pre-fabricated modular Data Centres also allow having complete white spaces with no columns in the room and it can even be stacked if required” he added.

“On the other hand, the Prefabricated Modular Data Centres provided by STULZ Technology Integration STI is a cost-effective solution for rapidly deploying IT capacity exactly where it is needed. This type of data centres is transportable and fully loaded with all security solutions including on board cooling, telecommunication and storage systems, security, fire suppression, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). They can be deployed indoors or outdoors and in rugged terrains. In other words, they minimize the physical footprint and energy consumed by the traditional models and are considerably cheaper than building a room for the traditional data centers, they are also strong enough to withstand any environment, tested for shocks and vibrations, operational in all climates starting from -45 up to 55 degrees, made of robust steel and come with 25 years lifecycle” he concluded.

About GCSS

Gulf Computer Support Systems (GCSS) is one of the leading solution providers of infrastructure for Data Centres in the UAE and GCC countries. It is also the exclusive distributor for a wide range of Data Centre solutions in the UAE and some GCC countries.

Since 1988 GCSS has shown pronounced growth in every category, including growing yearly revenues, market share, Client’s portfolio, and representing international partners.

GCSS delivers turnkey solutions covering the design, engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and handing over of Data Centres. Its product solutions consist of:

  • TATE (USA) Raised Access Flooring
  • STULZ (Germany) Precision Air-Conditioning
  • GE (USA) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • STULZ Technology Integration (UK) Scalable Modular Data Centres
  • Cool IT (USA) Direct contact liquid cooling for HPC, Cloud and Enterprise Markets
  • TTK (FRANCE) Digital Liquid and Oil leak detection
  • BENNING (USA) DC Chargers/Rectifiers and Diesel Power Generators.
  • BARTRONICS (INDIA) RFID, Asset Management solutions

Although GCSS specializes in Data Centres nevertheless some of its solutions can be used by Commercial Buildings, Offices, and Power sector.

About Data Centers

A datacenter is the central hub of a company’s infrastructure, comprising servers, storage systems, databases, access networks, software and applications to store data, run applications and ensure business continuity.