CMRC unveils Intensive Neurophysical Rehabilitation Service tailored to cerebral palsy patients

Participating as Diamond Sponsor at the 2nd MENA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress

CMRC unveils Intensive Neurophysical Rehabilitation Service tailored to cerebral palsy patients

  • Multi-modal biomechanical system spurs brain and motor skills developments in young patients to rapidly improve quality of life

Dubai – November 7th, 2017: Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), the UAE’s leading rehabilitation and long-term care facility, has unveiled a cutting edge Intensive Neurophysical Rehabilitation Service (INRS) at the 2nd Mena Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Congress 2017. CMRC also assumed the role of Diamond Sponsor for the event, which was held at Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The system, also known as the ‘Kozyavkin Method’ after its eponymous founder Professor Volodymyr I. Kozyavkin, was presented by its author during a keynote speech at the conference. The rehabilitation system breaks new ground by relying on a multi-model approach to create results. Multiple impact and manipulation methods are used on a patient’s body to correct physical ailments that spur brain plasticity – leading to faster development, decreased spasticity and skill attainment for the differently abled.

The Kozyavkin Method has been trialed on patients with cerebral palsy, and has shown robust results. Biomechanical correction techniques are applied to the spine and large joints; and are combined with other remedial measures such as reflexotherapy, physical therapy, massage and rhythmic gymnastics. The approach is designed to trigger the body’s compensatory mechanisms, and trigger it towards accelerated adaptation. In children, the system helps the rapid development of functional and motor skills, while decreasing the deleterious effects of spasticity.

“The link between the mind and the body has long been studied by the medical profession. The INRS system is designed to trigger the body’s own learning mechanisms in young patients, and help them acquire skills and abilities faster. Cerebral palsy is a debilitating condition that reduces quality of life because of impaired motor skills and spasms. We want to put patients in control of their bodies, and help them gain the skills needed to control their bodies and enjoy a better life,” said Dr. Kozyavkin, specialist at Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, UAE.

Dr. Kozyavkin is also a Professor at Kiev’s National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Head Rehabilitation Specialist at Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, and Director of the Institute for Medical Rehabilitation in Truskavets, Ukraine.

The system’s efficacy has been demonstrated by statistical data. In a study of 12,256 patients who underwent the Kozyavkin Method, 75% of patients suffering cerebral palsy demonstrated newfound head control. 62% of patients learned to sit, while 19% of patients who couldn’t walk learned to walk unassisted. 87% of patients could open a spastically clenched fist after Kozyavkin rehabilitation.

“Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Centre was set up with the explicit mission of creating a hub of cutting-edge expertise for medical expertise and rehabilitation. To achieve that, we rely on our ambitious vision and solid values, our expert medical staff and our well-researched affiliations with leading global organizations and institutions in the field of rehabilitation, such as ‘The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate. Our model, which supports the UAE Vision 2021 of developing a world-class system of specialized healthcare in the nation, bolsters our local roster of medical experts with visiting faculty engaged in cutting-edge research all over the world. We want to provide our communities with high quality healthcare founded on innovative yet evidence-based, clinical systems that can make a very tangible difference to integration, happiness and quality of life,” said Dr. Howard S. Podolsky, Chief Executive Officer, CMRC – UAE.

The MENA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress is the field’s leading platform for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine in the Middle East, and focuses on improving the quality and effectiveness of rehabilitation techniques by applying cutting-edge developments in the field. In 2017, the Congress covered specializations such as Stroke Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Sport injuries, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Ambulatory Rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and more, in focused sessions moderated by local and international experts.

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center was founded to address demand for rehabilitation and long-term care provision in the GCC. With facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, the Center serves as a nexus for world-class physicians, physiotherapists, and speech-language pathologists that offer tailor-made care to patients with short and long-term rehabilitation needs, and those with chronic health issues.

About CMRC

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) is the UAE’s leading rehabilitation and long-term care provider, with facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, restoring health and bringing peace of mind to each of our patients and their family members through an approach that combines the latest medical technology and techniques with a genuinely human touch.

CMRC world-class physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists provide tailor-made care to patients with short and long-term rehabilitation needs, as well as those with chronic health issues.

Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center provides multidisciplinary and intensive rehabilitation for individuals suffering from neurological problems in subacute, post-acute and long-term care settings. With Ventilator weaning beds available on site we are able to transfer patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or Guilian Barre syndrome directly from the intensive care setting and provide intensive care rehabilitation as well as neurorehabilitation in a unique, homelike post-acute care setting.