150 hospital employees burn 500,000+ calories during Dubai Fitness Challenge

150 hospital employees burn 500,000+ calories during Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai, UAE, November 19, 2017: Canadian Specialist Hospital embarked on the Dubai Fitness Challenge since its launch and has taken several steps to encourage its employees to participate ever since. The management took this initiative to engage their employees in both outdoor and indoor physical activities to further motivate them to be a part of the challenge. Since the start of the challenge, the hospital involved all employees to monitor their physical activities during the 30-day period and as a result have collectively burnt 500,000+ calories.

Additionally, the hospital held an internal competition by monitoring the number of steps by each employee daily. At the start of the challenge, the maximum recorded steps taken by an employee were touching 10,000. By the second week, the number tripled to around 30,000 a day.

“It is essential to incorporate exercise into one’s daily routine, however, due to the hectic schedules, most of us are unable to devote time to fitness. The concept of Dubai Fitness Challenge inspired us to challenge ourselves and participate in physical activities outside the hospital premises which would serve as a team building activity as well as transform our health”, stated Dr. Yashar Ali, CEO, Canadian Specialist Hospital.

The methods adopted by the hospital include but are not limited to cycling, jogging, aerobics, and working out in the gym. “Fitness is a state of a mind and does not only refer to being physically fit, however, physical activity plays a vital role in eliminating stress which further leads to both mental and physical fitness”, said Ms. Alaa Takidin, Nutritionist, Canadian Specialist Hospital.

“Studies have confirmed that people who are physically fit are less prone to diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular problems. Another factor that contributes towards fitness is healthy eating. The consumption of junk food is high in this part of the world among children as well as adults which causes several other health problems. Living a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily include heavy work-outs, it could be as simple as choosing fresh juice over carbonated drinks and climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator in your day-to-day life”, added Ms. Alaa.

Through the initiative, Canadian Specialist Hospital motivated the employees to adapt to the healthy lifestyle and promote mental and physical fitness. “Our employees have been extremely active lately and have noticed the difference in their energy levels since they started exercising. Going forward, we hope that we continue to dedicate time towards fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle”, concluded            Dr. Yashar.

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