Renovated Bait Al Oud Heralds New Era with Graduation Ceremony

Oud Master Naseer Shamma joins Ahmed Ali Al-Mansoori on stage to perform oud recitals

Abu Dhabi, 20 November 2017: The newly renovated Bait Al Oud music school in Abu Dhabi held its first graduation ceremony since renovations were completed with a performance by Emirati artist Ahmed Ali Al-Mansoori.

To celebrate the revamped premises, Naseer Shamma, the Musical Director at Bait Al Oud, also played a short oud composition on Sunday 19th November during the ceremony.

The enhancement of Bait Al Oud by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi is part of the ambitious vision for the music institute to develop into one the most prestigious music academies in the region and transform it to a centre for producing oud instruments.

HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General, Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, said: “Bait Al Oud plays an essential role in preserving our country’s musical heritage, not only by training future musicians to perfect their expertise in playing traditional instruments, but also by crafting the instruments in its workshops and educating visitors as to the role music has played in the evolution of the emirate and its people.

“As a major component of our annual Music Programme, Bait Al Oud has undergone extensive renovations to refurbish the premises and prepare it to become an attraction where visitors can immerse themselves in our musical history and traditions.”

The institute aims to preserve the UAE’s and the region’s musical heritage and focuses on teaching Arabic music and its instruments such as oud and qanun. Additionally, Bait Al Oud is the first music school in the UAE to teach rebabah.

Bait Al Oud supports a generation of talented musicians, and helps them to comprehend various musical compositions, while developing their talents and supporting them by introducing them to the professional music scene.

Shamma said: “Ahmad Ali Al-Mansoori is another young Emirati musician that has obtained the Bait Al Oud Diploma. The graduation of musicians like Ahmad confirms the role of Bait Al Oud in cementing its reputation as the centre of Arabic music in the region, and a school to nurture the rich musical tradition of the UAE. On the day of Ahmad’s graduation, we also inaugurated the new workshop space of Bait Al Oud, a space that will allow us to offer students, music amateurs and professionals, but also tourists the possibility to acquire high quality ouds and other Arabic music instruments.

“Bait Al Oud is a place of cultural dialogue and musical excellence, and a place where the history of the Arabic music is alive and is transported in the future.”

Ahmed Ali Al-Mansoori began playing Oud when he was 13 before joining Bait Al Oud in 2014 to complete his musical education and study music theory. He has participated in many events across the country and has learnt and progressed under the tutelage of oud instructor Sherine Tohamy.

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