Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan visits ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah

Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan visits ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah

Sharjah, UAE ASPAM Indian International School hosted a musical concert by the children of Kindergarten titled the ‘Symphony of Wonders’ on 07 December, 2017 at the ASPAM campus in Sharjah. The concert saw the renowned Bollywood choreographer, Ms Saroj Khan as its special guest, who was entertained with an array of exciting dance performances by the little musical maestros of the Kindergarten section.

The Symphony of Wonders concert celebrated that very uniqueness of every child. The underlying idea was to highlight that each child is like the seven wonders of the world. Each of the wonders is magnificent in its own individual beauty, bearing no resemblance to anything in the world. The bona fide wonders of the world are truly our children who possess extraordinary talents and gifts. Just like the seven colours in a rainbow or the seven notes of music, that combine to form one single stunning entity, the children were one in harmony as they entertained on the stage. The concert was an attempt to give them more exposure by putting them on a larger platform where they could display their skills.

Ms. Sheela George, Principal of the ASPAM Indian International School said, “Symphony of Wonders is our way to recognize and laud the unique talents and abilities of each child here at ASPAM. It was an honour to have the talented Saroj Khan as our Special Guest to witness the real wonders of our lives I truly believe that one is never too young to start the journey into self-explorations. Events like these give the children a rare chance to actually gain real exposure and become more confident and aware of what they really want.”

ASPAM, with their guiding philosophy of explore, experience and excel, have been pioneers in designing an education system that is not solely based on instruction. The CBSE curriculum is blended with their own trademark emphasis on the development of soft skills. As early as kindergarten, they focus not only literacy and physical development, but also ensure that the sound foundations for a strong character are laid in place. The concert was in line with their core values of diversity lifelong learning, self determination and character. By accepting different levels of competencies and interests, they are encouraging children to celebrate diversity in all forms. Not limited to textbooks and classrooms, they aim to instill a healthy curiosity for ideas and concepts that will sustain them through life.

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About ASPAM Indian International School:

ASPAM Indian International School, under the aegis of Gulf Petrochem, has made great strides in redefining holistic education using an approach that is both scientific and customised. ASPAM, a premier educational institute offering tuition from kindergarten to the 12th grade. It offers CBSE Indian curriculum in addition to a vibrant Kindergarten programme. Instituted under the patronage of the Gulf Petrochem Group, the school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and is backed by a competent faculty. The school provides its students with a well-stocked library and learning laboratory. In addition to this, they have a multi-purpose sports centre and outdoor play areas for the children to enjoy. Their science and computer laboratories boast of cutting edge technology and equipment. The school imparts instruction in the field of arts in addition to personal, social and environmental education. Focusing on not only learning, but providing a rich experience to its students, it has achieved a fine balance between curricular and co-curricular learning. Its practices have been recognised by global bodies such as GESS Education and Indywood Educational Excellence Awards.