PRCO appointed as GCC Public Relations representatives for Chenot Group

07 December 2017: PRCO is delighted to announce its appointment as the GCC Public Relations representatives for Chenot Group. Founded by Henri Chenot, the contemporary originator of preventative health, Chenot Group is a private company based in Switzerland, which operates internationally. The Group specialises in detox, preventative and regenerative treatments, as well as products that promote healthy living and protection from premature ageing.

Henri Chenot, known for his revolutionary approach to preventative healthcare, opened the first Chenot Wellness Centre at Cannes Polyclinic in 1974 before Palace Merano, South Tyrol in 1980s. In 1999, Henri created the term Biontology, a new concept for studying the ageing process, subsequently founding a dedicated Biontology Academy and Research Laboratory.

Based on the principles of traditional Chinese healing combined with scientific advances in Western medicine, Henri Chenot established the Chenot Method. Following an initial diagnostics process, tailored treatments are used to detoxify and reactivate energy channels and organic functions through a three-stage process: Eliminate, Assimilate and Regenerate. Combined with nutritional advice, these treatments are essential for restoring balance and preserving an excellent state of vitality according to an individual’s unique and physical being.

The evolution of Chenot Method draws on research and innovation of over nearly 50 years, through the Group’s dedicated Research and Development team. Mastering the use of non-invasive results-driven treatments via residential programmes at Chenot Group’s Health Wellness Palaces, Chenot Group fuse the technology and clinical atmosphere of a medical facility, with the luxurious, relaxed environment of a five-star hotel.

As the global population continues to live longer, Henri Chenot’s research develops a revolutionary approach to preventative healthcare that has never been more pertinent.

The Group recently opened Chenot Palace Gabala, Azerbaijan, forming Chenot Group’s first purpose built cure facility, comprising a state-of-the-art 6000 sq. m. medical wellness centre to featuring 72 guest rooms.

Based on the model in Gabala, Azerbaijan, Chenot Group plans to open a Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland, in 2019, which will become the brand’s leading medical research, innovation and training centre. Expansion plans also include openings in Dubai and Marbella in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

Reaffirming its position as a leader in the medical wellness industry, Chenot Group seeks to open further Chenot urban medical day spas, designed to deliver ‘top up’ treatments to support a guest’s annual or biannual cure at a Chenot Palace.

Additionally, Chenot Group has recently added a new facial skincare range to their cosmetics product line based on specialised, evidence-based laboratory research, as well as a range of herbal teas and food supplements.