eFatoora launches Rising Women in Tech in 2018

“A woman with a vision and a goal is an empowered woman set for a journey, a path which is stronger than a foundation merely built with concrete.”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 February 2018, (AETOSWire): In today’s world, we see significant number of women in tech-leadership roles investing, supporting and inspiring the next generation of female leaders. They lead by example and are promoting an era where equality is not just an idea.

eFatoora believes that an idea, regardless how big or small, can be developed into something that may change the world and inspire our future generations. When one women extends that helping hand to another, amazing things can happen. A woman carries, throughout their day, diverse roles, whether it’s showing that authoritarian side of her to her kids, being the teacher of morals and ethics at home, being the loving daughter or being the super wife or even being that shoulder to her friends when they need them the most. Women nurture their relationships and when we bring all the qualities together, a leader is born who can change and shape a society.

2017 was an inspirational year for Women in Tech. Forbes promoted the most powerful women in tech where significant positions were held by motivational and impactful women in high capitalised markets and multi million and billion companies. Yes, women are still in the minority, but not for long. Throughout all the continents, the entrepreneur in women are rising like never before. Why go far, let’s just look at social media, Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), holds the No. 4 title on Forbes “Most Powerful Women in Tech” 6 years in a row, being the second in command at a $516 billion market cap company. Since Susan Wojcicki joined Youtube as the CEO in 2014, she has committed to bridge the gender gap in workplace and have been outspoken about same in Silicon Valley. Since 2014, the number of female employees have increased from 24% to 30% at Youtube. It’s time to not just talk about it, but to promote entrepreneurs and women in the tech industry. It’s time to pool all those skills together which, when nurtured, make women an excellent and an inspirational leader.

The CEO/Founder of eFatoora, Yasmine Khan said – “There’s no “magic pill” that effortlessly launches you out of your confined cubicle and into the female world of entrepreneurship. The truth is, great success in business grows from just one, tiny seed. Women are good at nurturing, protecting and growing those ideas into success.”

There are currently 9 female cabinet ministers in the UAE government, and women are in the forefront of several key government agencies. Diversity in the tech sector as whole, (not just women), in all its glory and power seems to be rising and thriving in Dubai, proving what we have known all along. Women are critical components in contributing to where technology needs to go and we must use our voice and leadership to help bring a change to the tech industry, and society, for the better.

The goal is to increase active participants and launch community events, to support women in the tech field and connect. Yasmine Khan (CEO/Founder eFatoora), also an active and participating member of the Dubai Business Women’s Council, promotes “Rising Women in Tech” in 2018 – by the first quarter of 2018, eFatoora is lauinching programs, competitions and events to promote women entrepreneurs, building platforms which will enable both new and active participants in the tech world to come together and build a stronger, sustainable, women-led society.