FOREO Announces Sky High Mid YearTravel Retail Results

  • Beauty tech giant reaches new heights by adding major global airports to its portfolio and celebrates award in travel retail –

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; July 10th, 2018: Swedish beauty powerhouse FOREO today announced its half year success in the travel retail sector, adding 30 new travel retailers since January, taking its total tally up to almost 200 placements worldwide.

This growth sees FOREO products now adding major airports of the world to its portfolio including New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Sydney. In addition, the brand is now present in Duty-Free retail stores in 22 countries and selling some 4 million units in the travel retail market every year.

Travel retail has been experiencing tremendous growth in past years. In fact, industry experts predict online and the retail travel channel to be highly successful in the future, with retail travel sales expected to reach $125 billion by 2023. Always at the forefront of its industry, FOREO has innovated to cater to this channel and the intensified demand demonstrated for beauty products in the retail travel market, resulting in bestsellers such as the highly loved LUNA device literally flying off the travel shelves.

“Travel retail in many ways differs from traditional retail spaces and we are utilizing these, capturing travelers’ me-moments. As moving through terminals is usually the most tedious part of travel, we are brightening these spaces with our eye-catching products and displays. We are enhancing the passenger experience and serving a much-needed pick-me-up during those long layovers. Moreover, our product’s travel-friendly disposition, extraordinary long battery life, cutting-edge technology and premium design make FOREO one of the most sought-after products among travelers today and have earned us the Travel Retail Award this year. What makes this award so important is the fact that consumers were finally asked to share their opinion of travel retail shopping and in that first ever consumer-vote, they chose LUNA mini 2 as one of their favorites,” says Paul Peros, the CEO of FOREO.

The rise of the Asian travelers

The top five travel retail locations for FOREO, by the number of stores, are located in Asia and airports of cities in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Macau. This comes as no surprise since the Asia Pacific region has long ago cemented its status as the fastest growing region, and this has caused the number of passengers coming out of the region to increase even further, especially in emerging countries like China.

“Asia is changing the entire face of travel. The rising tide of travelers from the region is spreading across the world, overwhelming airports and outspending every other nation. It is exciting to know that shopping is among their top travel motivators and their receptivity of international brands is as high as it ever was. Coupled with the fact that we are talking about nations that are especially devoted to taking exceptional care of themselves, FOREO is a perfect fit for them. Financial times’ recent piece highlights exactly that, pointing to the Asian consumers’ propensity of turning to gadgets to answer their needs and the fact that FOREO LUNA Mini 2 had been listed as number two on the Chinese shopping site Tmall’s wishlist, second only to iPhone 8. Eventually, we are hoping that our success in the retail travel channel will reflect on our traditional sales channels, as well as help us in identifying and opening new markets,” says Peros.