Feeling anxious about the Semi-finals and Finals? Talabat has got you covered!

Up to 50% off eateries like Texas chicken, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts and much more.

As we move towards the nail-biting football semi-finals and finals, why not take advantage of Talabat’s huge range of exclusive football friendly offers.

Hungry fans who are looking to enjoy delicious fast food meals can now enjoy up to 35% discount from Texas Chicken valid until 15 July 2018, while Burger King is exclusively offering Talabat users up to 50% discount on the King Box for three and six people, and Wendy’s is also offering up to 30% of discount on selected items valid until 23 July 2018.

At half time, refuel and top up your energy levels for the crucial final 45 minutes of the match. Enjoy 25% discount off all dessert menu items from Torta Bakery & Sweets or a football-themed value box for AED 56 exclusive to Dunkin Donuts.

When the match comes to an end and you begin to analyze the performance of the players, there is yet another opportunity to feed your hunger. Whether your team has won a stunning victory, or suffered a heroic defeat, Talabat’s exclusive offers with Pizzaro and The Pizza Company and a 25% discount at Chez Sushi, will ensure that you and your squad are winners whatever the outcome.

Finally, you can avoid all possible food ordering distractions while cheering for your sporting heroes using Talabat’s pre-order feature. This allows you to arrange delivery of your match-time munches ahead of time, meaning you don’t miss a second of the crucial on-pitch action.

Visit the Talabat website or download the app for full details of all exclusive offers.

About Talabat

Talabat is the pioneer of the online food ordering service, operating across the Middle where it houses the Middle East’s largest selection of eateries online, seamlessly connecting consumers with their favorite restaurants.

Talabat is now part of Delivery Hero which is the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace.

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