Quest Arabiya’s Journey on the Silk Road

  • Over 60 hours of content dedicated on reflecting Chinese culture and traditions
  • Weekly episodes dedicated to China
  • Silk Road: Variety of topics from China’s fascinating traditions, culture, contemporary practices and martial arts.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 18 July 2018: Quest Arabiya, the Arabic-language factual entertainment channel, has devoted a significant portion of its schedule since 2017 to Chinese programs. This is based on the channel’s commitment to introducing the Arabic audience to other diverse cultures and giving them an insight to the traditions and practices around the world.

For the first time in the Middle East and North Africa, these programs which are spoken in Arabic, shed the light on Chinese culture across various aspects and is also part of the growing convergence and cooperation efforts of China and the UAE.

The Arab region has a long history with China that played a pivotal role in linking China to the West. The presentation of the Chinese programs contributes greatly to the link between Arab and Chinese cultures, and to introduce our audience to the rich Chinese heritage.

Within the series of programs dedicated to Chinese culture, Quest Arabiya launched a series of new programs for the Silk Road Initiative (USILK) on January 28, 2017, which coincides with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The aim of these programs is to entertain all segments of audiences from the adventure seekers, to the aspiring cooks and art enthusiasts.

Programs such as “China: dishes from Xinjiang “, allows viewers to be immersed in a world of delicious cuisine, scenic landscapes, and the culture of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in Northwest China. The show mainly narrates the story of Yang Qin, a farmer struggling to survive in a harsh environment, overcoming the funding deficit and risking his life to protect and preserve the Tibetan antelopes.

Quest Arabiya broadcasted over 60 hours of content and over 120 episodes related to China to date. USILK programs also explore weekly content on a variety of topics from China’s fascinating and enigmatic traditions, to the preservation of culture through contemporary practices and martial arts.

Khalid Khouri, General Manager at Quest Arabiya, said: “We are delighted to witness the strengthening of the relationship between the UAE and China, and as a leading media organization in the UAE with a broad base of followers, Quest Arabiya will continue to develop these ties by broadcasting Chinese content programs. In line with the UAE-China Week, the entertainment programs broadcasted are only the beginning of further cultural exchange between the two countries. The channel will continue to offer audiences an informative TV schedule that reflect on the rich Chinese heritage.”

The commitment to Chinese programming on Quest Arabiya came under the strategic partnership between Image Nation Abu Dhabi, one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Middle East, and the China International Communication Center (CICC). Under the partnership, established in 2015, it was announced that there would be a commitment to train and develop up-and-coming media talent; and launch the Culture China – Image Nation Content Fund which went on to co- produce Dan Gilroy’s Roman Esq.

The agreement underscores the strong bilateral relations between the two governments, which continue to boost the UAE-China ties and consolidate the relationship between the two countries. China and the Arab world share ancient historical and cultural ties which are now being enhanced by a rich Arabic content channel that sheds the light on common family values and traditions.

Quest Arabiya emphasizes great importance on bringing nations closer together through their programs and is committed to highlighting diverse cultures across the world and providing captivating entertainment that interests viewers and enriches them actively, intellectually, and culturally.

About Quest Arabiya

Formed from a brand and content licensing agreement between Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Discovery Communications, Quest Arabiya is an Arabic language, free-to-air, television channel, focusing primarily on factual and reality-based programming.

Quest Arabiya broadcasts 24 hours a day across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, reaching an estimated 45 million households. The channel’s focus is co-viewing with specific male-oriented programs, and showcases a combination of regionally-produced original material and content from Discovery’s vast library of non-fiction shows, presented for the first time in Arabic.

Quest Arabiya is committed to showcasing regionally-relevant storylines across 22 countries, revealing Arabic heroes to give the region a sense of pride and empowerment. In line with Image Nation’s aim to build a sustainable film and television industry in the region, the station creates exciting opportunities for regional production companies while nurturing local talent.

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