What Combined The Singer Fady Harb and the Spanish Football Player Cesc Fabregas in Ibiza

The Lebanese Singer and Artist Fady Harb was present at the wedding celebration of the Spanish football player Cesc Fabregas to his beautiful Lebanese wife Daniella Semaan, which was held on Tuesday 24th of July in Ibiza organized by Mine Weddings and Events.

Fady also met the world most famous football stars such as Lionel Messi and his wife, Luis Suarez and his wife, Carlos Puyol and many other players, as well as the singer Elissa who was also present to celebrate her friend Daniella’s wedding. In addition to that Antonella, the wife of Messi, had published many videos of the bride and the guests dancing on the Arabic song “Habibi Wala Ala Balu” by the Egyptian Artist Amr Diab which has spread significantly. Observers have commented on Daniella’s adherence to her Arab and Lebanese origins, especially in her wedding, which included stars from all over the world.

Fady is a talented Lebanese singer who had worked hard to develop a special mark and a unique identity throughout his career to reach the hearts of the public; and every song he creates adds a new style and content to the story. Fady cares not to follow market trends and to have something that represents his personality with an element of surprise which differentiates him from others.

By end of 2018; Fady will be launching his Mini Album that will combine his 3 new songs, and all his singles done previously; on the likes of “Shu Baki”, “Walla Mabsout”, “Akel Baytouti”, “Betaamni Bel Hobb”, and “Mesh Bas Bhibik”; to give his audience a flavored mix to enjoy.

“I look forward to providing all my fans and the Arab Region with something to enjoy and hope I was not late in sharing my latest” says Fady Harb

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