Teamwork makes the corporate dream work at TEPfactor

The adventure experience has cracked the corporate code, and offers business clients the chance to bond with colleagues over a series of fun challenges

Dubai, UAE – July 2018: Corporate giants, SMEs and boutique firms across the city all require one aspect to ensure their seamless operations, that being the ability of their staff to work together and function as a team. TEPfactor Dubai, the popular adventure experience in JBR, shares these ideals, which when combined with its in-depth understanding of team building practices, allows it to provide the perfect teamwork experience.

Large groups can enjoy TEPfactor, as they engage in bouts of friendly competition, given that the challenges are to be faced by teams of up to six individuals. The combined use of skill, patience, logic and strength is required to complete the unique challenges that await players within the cave walls.

It has been found by experts in workplace culture that “happiness is a business model”, as having a positive work culture created through events or activities, helps retain employees as well as makes the firm more attractive to new talent.  Team building activities are vital to the success of firms as they get the staff out of an office, offering a break from the routine, which ultimately increases productivity in the long-run.

Having taken the extensive amounts of research invested in the field into consideration, TEPfactor is ideal for such experiences, as it houses 21 adrenaline spiking challenges that test a variety of aptitudes of players – first and foremost being their ability to work together. The challenges are a fun icebreaker, designed to evoke collaboration, communication, and problem solving capabilities, while enhancing leadership qualities. When employees utilise these skills in an active setting, they are able to bond along with being introduced to new ways of thinking.

Ayman Abdelrhman, Managing Partner at TEPfactor says, “Given the main objective of team building activities being to promote and build upon a positive, supportive work culture, TEPfactor’s challenges prove to be a perfect fit for a unique corporate day out. Not only does taking on the challenges improve colleague relationships in an active engaging environment, but also boosts the utilization of skills that might not have previously been called for, bringing to light the individual talents and capabilities of the team.”

By working together in a unique setting, employees can get to know each other better, as they motivate one another to try different levels (bronze, silver or gold), and complete as many challenges as possible, over many light hearted moments of laughter. TEPfactor is able to customize experiences to suit specific team building requirements as the staff and management are well versed with the concept. The exciting experience will encourage players to focus their unique and combined skill sets, so that the challenge at hand can be completed as a team.

Note: Bookings are necessary for larger groups. Those made for such groups can have the venue cater exclusively to the corporation’s booking. Special packages are available as well for groups of over 15 players.

Comfortable active wear and sneakers/trainers are advised.

For bookings and special requests, contact TEPfactor Dubai on email at or call 04-398 8438. For more information, please visit –

Fact Box 

About TEPfactor Dubai

TEPfactor brings an all-encompassing adventure experience to JBR The Walk. The nooks and crannies of the concealed cave will put challengers through the ultimate test, leaving no skill unaccounted for – be it physical strength, agility, mental dexterity and team working capabilities.

A series of varied obstacles await adventurers as they make their way through the mysterious tunnels and take on each of the 21 challenges. Teams of two to six individuals will work together, utilising each other’s strengths and accommodating for weakness, in order to emerge victorious. There are three levels of difficulty – bronze, silver and gold – to make sure that everyone is pushed to their limits.

The adrenaline-packed adventure is the ultimate bonding experience with friends or as an exciting corporate getaway that brings people closer through working together.  For more information or to make a booking, visit

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