Dubai Welcome’s Eleganza

Dubai has welcomed a true legend of high class & attractive ready to wear fashion brand that elite woven clothes of natural materials and imbued it with the great imagination, with its beauty, elegance and splendor of design, taking of alta moda to the highest level to give Arabian women the most beautiful gown they wear with the advent of the Great Feast, after the entire world toured and entered the hot spots European capitals to receive the admire from the heads of fascists beyond fashion lovers.

 Here is the fashion legend “Eleganza” delights with its convoys loaded with Turkish elegance and fragrant nature of the latest fashionable for stylish women in a city that accepts only the best in everything , in a city that itself become a true legend “ Dubai ”, which has long accustomed to the most beautiful in attracting the world’s leading brands.

The unique concept of ​​” Eleganza ” is a myth worthy of trust, worthy of being told on every tongue and lip, and here is Mr. Omar Tahan, the creative director of Eleganza. He tells eagerly all the media and the press who were eyewitnesses to the grand opening of the latest ​​” Eleganza ” is an elegant brand for stylish women of all ages. It has established & grown in the land of legends Turkey and pioneering to the whole world thanks to its excellent policy & strategy & marketing and its high end quality and unbeatable price. It is a fashionable fashion for all occasions and can be worn throughout the year. Eleganza adds a magical touch of modern style, This was confirmed by fashion icon and designer ASCIA who attended the grand opening and cut the ribbon announcing the arrival of this beautiful legend to the Gulf trade market and praised the high quality Elegenza and its approach to the latest lines and fashion world, and praised the expansion policy considered in the region Confirming to all fashion lovers signed by the stylish brand ” Eleganza “.

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