Dubai, September xx 2018- Three of the Middle East’s top influencers, Hadia Ghaleb, Mimi Eswaratti and Maya Ahmad, were recently taken on a secret beauty desert retreat, when an unexpected turn of events caught them (and their millions of fans and followers) by surprise.

The three content creators, business women and beauty icons, were looking forward to experiencing an exclusive first viewing of a new beauty-tech product, in a relaxing spa environment. Instead, their trip was suddenly cut short by the apparent arrival of something otherworldly, in the Al Qudra desert.

“Maya was in the middle of answering a question about sheet masks, when we heard this strange noise, and then out of nowhere the car was shaking and stopped suddenly. The next thing we knew our cameraman had jumped out of the car and was running towards the cloud of smoke and dust behind us. It all happened so fast,” said Mimi Eswaratti.

Footage shared soon after the event, shows what certainly appears to be the arrival of something from out of this world.


What do you think this is all about?

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