Magical Collection by Illustrella at the Catwalk International

 “Pre-Event Fashion Show”

In a strategic partnership, World Union Academy of Cosmetology (WUAC) and Catwalk International presented last night the elegant and sophisticated Dubai brand “Illustrella” at the beautiful Soho Garden in Meydan Hotel to an excited crowd that consisted of media, fashion bloggers, VIPs, celebrities, and friends.

The three Emirati sisters’ designers dazzled the audience with their truly magical collection of winter 2018. A collection that was inspired by the beautiful classic winter nights of the 30s and 40s, where the collection had different high quality garments and textiles, such as the sandal, denim, the elegant crepe, the dark velvet, and the dreamer tulle، with drops of water embroidered beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Each piece of the 20 looks collection was unique and special in its own way and style.

And in this occasion, Miss Manal Hassan, head of the World Union Academy of Cosmetology (International organization) in the GCC, announced the much-anticipated main event of Gulf Beauty Artist Forum 2018 that will take place on 5-6 November at the Brasha Hall, with expected participants of 100 plus beauty experts from all over the Middle East showcasing their expertise and talent in the beauty and cosmetology world.

The “Per-Event Fashion Show” and the Main Event will be conducted in partnership with Catwalk International, a fashion platform that was established in Dubai by Palestinian Businessman, Othman Fakhri to encourage and to help starting and established designers to achieve their goals and reach different markets, through organizing fashion shows locally, regionally, and internationally.

Catwalk International also helps selected fashion designers, to manage their brands and to strategize their approach to their target audience and market place.

In the mean time, Charlene Golding, Head of Zaza Luxury Group, presented Margy’s Monte Carlo, the high end brand for creams and skin care, as well as the organic and unique perfume brand Valeur Absolue as a major sponsor for the Catwalk International “Pre-Event Fashion Show”. Charlene also announced that the elegant and bridal fashion designer, Tatiana Alexandru would be the brand ambassador for the Valeur Absolue in the UAE.

As for Chris Strong, General Manager of the beautiful venue, Soho Garden, emphasised on the elegance of the venue and the natural synergy with an elegant fashion show such as of Catwalk International “Pre-Event Fashion Show” and the amazing outdoor ambience that audience and participants felt all through the event, and way after, where a lot of guests decided to stay and enjoy the rest of the night at such beautiful settings.

Illustrella believes, “Great minds think alike”? That is exactly what happened when the three Emirati sisters and co-founders from Dubai; Ahad, Afra and Alia Bin Haidar decided to create ILLUSTRELLA, with three different personalities yet chasing one dream which is to have their name in the world of fashion and one day be part of its history.

They believe that everything in this world starts with a story including brand names. Ours is an artistic fashion name that has its own meaning, inspiration and story to tell. ILLUSTRELLA is a combination of the first letters from the word illustration and the last letters from the word Sorella, which means sisters in Italian, and this is how ILLUSTRELLA was born.

The three sisters aim to produce high-end fashion with high standard finishing; strong personality cuts with a blend of femininity using high quality fabrics.

As they always say “We are not only creating fashion but setting a trend that will speak for itself.” Said ILLUSTRELLA
Their goal is to become a globally recognized high-end exquisite and unique brand that will have a major impact in the fashion world and be part of its history.

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