Ceramic Filling: A new, long-lasting dental filling with the best outcome

Tooth filling is used to return a damaged tooth back to its normal form and function. Before applying a filling, the dentist first has to remove the decayed tooth material, clean the affected area, and then fill the cleaned hole with a filling material. There are many types of fillings, however in this article we will be discussing the Ceramic Filling Procedure with Dr. Hussain Al Saleh, Founder and specialist Prosthodontist and Oral Implantologist at Oris Dental Center in Dubai, UAE.

Ceramic filling is a new procedure; It is a Custom-made dental restoration that covers the chewing surface of the tooth. It can be fabricated in the dental lab by skilled technician outside the clinic, or by using computerized milling machine inside the clinic. These Customized restorations are called inlay and onlay and are considered to be the ideal alternative for the conventional silver and composite fillings.

There are certain steps that a dentist should follow regarding the ceramic filling procedure. The first step is the local anesthesia for the teeth, and then, in case of using the lab, dental impression must be done to be used for the preparation of the temporary restoration, however, it is not necessary when using CAD/CAM technique. The third step is using a shade matching guide to determine the shade of the natural teeth. After that, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing the old restorative and removing any decay then filling the deep holes or missing corners of the tooth. The next step requires a digital or conventional impression of the prepared tooth and a bite registration, and lastly, the final restoration result applies, as well as cementation, adjustment and teeth polishing.

Dr. Hussain adds that the result is achievable within one day or it might take two visits depending on the technique used. For example, it requires one day dentistry in case of CAD/CAM, and two visits in case on dental lab work.  It is likely to mention that the Inlays and onlays can last up to thirty years longer than any other type of filling.

Ceramic filling is considered to be the best solution now for teeth filling, and highly recommended by dentists because of many factors: it requires one session only when using CAD/CAM and a digital dental impression, fewer anesthetic shots are used, metal-free restoration, lasts longer that any other type of filling, and requires minimal removal of the tooth structure and maximum preservation of a healthy tooth structure. Ceramic filling is stronger due to preservation of the intact natural tooth structure and fits precisely leaving no space between the filling and the tooth as this provides full protection to the teeth from harmful bacteria.

“All fillings change over time, weaken between the joints, crack, change color and sometimes fall out, and this is due to composition and procedures of making,” explains Dr. Hussain. Since ceramic filling is non-composite, it is obtained by cutting pieces of a homogeneous ceramic cube, so the color does not change.

Dr. Hussain states that Ceramic filling can suit all patients as it allows tooth reconstruction without undergoing invasive procedures. It is highly recommended to be done when the chewing surfaces of the back teeth are damaged due to decay, trauma, fractures, or old fillings that need to be replaced, also in teeth which have been endodontically treated.

Like any other procedure, Ceramic filling might have some disadvantages depending on the patient’s teeth condition. For example, the Ceramic can chip and require a replacement again, however, avoiding bad habits will help to ensure that the onlay/inlay to last longer. The ceramic filling is higher in price compared to other types of fillings, because of the quality of material and high technology involved, but the natural looking restoration will last for many years keeping its appearance intact.

Dental care can sometimes be a forgotten part of our healthy lifestyle; however, its importance is nothing less than caring about the rest of our body. Developing a healthy dental routine is surely a worth goal in and of itself. Plus, it is necessary to always choose a dentist whose aim is to put a special emphasis on the comfort of his patients and ensures to provide you with the best possible dental care.

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