Suitsupply Jort FW18: The Gentleman Spy Collection

DUBAI, UAE — 27thNovember 2018 In times where international relations are cold, Jort Kelder, Suitsupply’s in-house historian, brings a collection to keep the head cool and the body warm: the Gentleman Spy Collection.

Where have they gone, the spies whose highest education is not the gym, but an age-old alma mater, and whose noble handicraft is made up of refined temptation rather than gross poisoning. The JORT Gentleman Spy Collection not only honors the secret agents who appeal to our imagination and who inspired their filmic alter ego James Bond, but also gentlemen who, for decades, played a sophisticated yet always stylish double game.

Several looks in the collection refer to the theme. For instance, the checks and tweeds like the double agents of the Cambridge Five used to wear. Or the Siberia-proof white baby alpaca suit under a sturdy woollen coat, finished with a removable sheep’s woollen ‘astrakhan’ collar. A good spy effortlessly changes his appearance. Hence the double face: do you go for cashmere or do you prefer the water-resistant side?

Out of respect for the trade of the spies, extra attention has been paid to the evening wear collection. Like the shirt made of cracking-fresh sea island cotton, the extra wide bow tie or the black tie in Super 150 worsted wool. New and indispensable is the irresistible cape, designed in black velvet and lined in red silk.

For five years now, JORT has stood for collections that tell a story, a sense of tailors’ tradition, superior fabric, stylish refinement, and a mild dose of dandyism. The JORT suit may come in many variations, but it is always designed in full canvas and finished with the traditional ‘Neapolitan shoulder’, romantic button fly, elegant side adjusters, and kissing buttons on the sleeve.

The Gentleman Spy Collection is available both online and offline around the world. Check out the entire Fall/ Winter collection here or visit the store in City Walk.

About Suitsupply

Suitsupply began in Europe in 2000. In an industry where fast fashion is the need of the hour and craftsmanship is fast disappearing, Suitsupply introduces a premium option – one where no attention to detail or quality is ever spared. They have received widespread accolades from the likes of GQ, Esquire, and, perhaps most notably, a Wall Street Journal blind test that saw a $600 Suitsupply suit draw into a first-place tie with a $3,600 Armani.

Suitsupply has rapidly expanded its portfolio and boasts 70 international stores in cities such as Milan, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition to their brick-and-mortar locations, it maintains a strong online presence as well. With its first location in the United Arab Emirates, Suitsupply hopes to make its mark in the Middle East’s premiere hub and bring its high-quality tailoring and personal services to a new cadre of customers with taste to spare.

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