Jawhara Jewellery launched four new unique and exclusive collections at VOD Dubai International Jewellery show

Thursday 15th Nov 2018. Jawhara jewellery booth at the exhibition was attended by a large audience of media people, artists, social media influencers and those interested in the jewelry world. “We are delighted to participate in the Dubai International jewellery show”

GHINATI is an expression of love and affection which is beautifully designed jewelry piece of diamond studded sets that is very elegant and an expensive gift as a true expression of a love from the groom to the bride on their wedding day.

“The Duet”, inspired by commitment and devotion. Just as the Tango form of dance involves two souls getting entangled, the duet as two pieces of diamond that are bonded with each other in a unique form and which represents the commitment of true love.

“Vida” is a handmade collection that is made out of a mix of semi-precious stones simulating a colorful and enjoyable life as an expression of adolescence and vital attitude with its mix of beautiful and unique colors. This collection is designed for women of all ages and different cultures to express beauty in a colorful manner.

“Lorensia” in attributing to the old and beautiful Italian jewelry brand that is inspired by nature and diverse forms of beautiful flowers that reflect spring through the colorful precious stones on a flower bouquet in the collection that gives it a unique sparkle with undeniable beauty.

Jawhara Jewellery is a UAE based company specialized in creating and selling unique jewelry in all its forms, shapes, and colors. Through their 93 stores, Jawhara Jewellery exhibits and sells the latest designs of international and local jewelry pieces that are high in quality and creativity in designs. Jewelry that bridges culture, elegance, style, and beauty all in one unique piece.
Jawhara Jewellery enjoys a regional and international presence, with stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and the UK.

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