G-Core Labs, The World’s Leading Provider of Powerful Cloud and Edge Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry, Launches a New Pop in Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (AETOSWire): The world’s leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider, G-Core Labs has launched a new CDN PoP (Point of Presence — strategically located data centers) in Dubai, UAE, which became the 3rd node in MENA, a strategically important region, and the 45th one overall in the Luxembourg-based company’s network.

“MENA is a growing market for G-Core Labs’ customers. Opening a PoP in Dubai is an important and long-awaited step in the development strategy for the company’s products and network. It will speed up the delivery of our customer’s content to their consumers in MENA.

Worldwide benchmarks confirm an excellent performance of the new node, outstripping global CDN market leaders. G-Сore Labs’ engineers have optimized the network and achieved the best response time among all CDN providers in Dubai — 10 ms. Providing the highest quality of services is one of the main objectives of G-Core Labs development strategy,” said Dmitry Samoshkin, VP of Products at G-Core Labs.

A CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers that more and more companies are using to bring content such as websites, media, ads, games, and applications closer to their audience. The service will deliver pages and other web content to users based on their geographic location and the origin of the webpage. CDNs also provide protection against large traffic surges.

G-CDN is a content delivery network with excellent performance and security optimizations that help reduce latency and increase content delivery speed. G-Core Labs is already working with many well-known and industry-leading companies, for example, it provides an exclusive service to Wargaming, Michelin, Tinkoff Bank, Warpache around the globe.

G-Core Labs features include intuitive dashboard, HTTP/2 for faster delivery, IPv6, GZip compression for faster data accessibility, real-time reporting, free or custom SSL, DDoS protection, origin shield, etc. Customers can now deliver heavy content and broadcast live video for even wider audience.

The company is also getting ready to start hosting sales in Dubai. Soon you will be able to buy dedicated or virtual servers there with high-speed channels, DDoS protection and advanced features.

About the company

G-Core Labs is a provider of powerful cloud and edge solutions for media and entertainment industry: global hosting, transcoding and streaming video up to 4K, ultra-fast CDN, protection against complex DDoS attacks.

Superior performance of CDN around the world is provided by the company’s own infrastructure, which was awarded a Guinness World Record in 2013.

Integrated technologies for storage, delivery, protection and monetization of heavy content will help any online business grow.

*Source: AETOSWire

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