Keep yourself motivated & let “Emirates” give the energy

It is likely that most of us face problems in dealing with the daily laziness and Zero motivation mornings, as we wake up every day saying, “I am not a morning person” or “I need my coffee to wake up”.

What if Coffee is not the only morning drink anymore?

All what a non-morning person needs is energy, power and a thoughtful mind to wake up and face the bunch of work and stress coming ahead from a long hectic week.

Now, A new energetic drink is launched and specialized to the gulf region under the name “Emirates” and has worked hard since 2013 to give the best energetic power drink of all times.

It is vital to mention why Emirates Drink is special and different from other energy drinks; Beside its attractive name, Emirates is a carbonated energy drink with vitamins including vitamin B6 & B12. Moreover, B Vitamins are very important classes of vitamins that help in supporting the blood cells and nervous system. B6 Vitamin helps keep blood sugar within a normal range, and B12 protects against anemia. The energy provided by “Emirates” calculates up to 93 kJ / 45 kcal and contains zero fat percentage.

Most of the people in the Gulf Region are concerned to know if energy drinks are approved to be Halal or not. “Emirates Energy Drink” is produced and Halal certified in Romania by the Islamic Information Documentation and Certification, plus, it had also earned a certificate of conformity by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, UAE.

Now, after discovering an alternative drink away from coffee, it is time to start a new smart morning routine and look for a different approach in building that powerful, energetic morning motivation. Let “Emirates” do the action and help in building a productive momentum; maybe you will be the energetic morning person one day.

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