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Pushing the limits of design and engineering

Dubai, UAE — Dubai-based interior design firm, La Sorogeeka Associates (LSA), is the first vertical launched by umbrella company Teraciel Group in India in 1985 and has since earned the enviable reputation of being one of the world’s leading interior design providers. Over the years, the company has evolved from its origins in India to become a name synonymous with luxury, opulence, and grandeur from Los Angeles to London, Dubai to Paris, Tashkent to New Delhi.

LSA focuses on providing its clients globally with innovative and bespoke interior design solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The LSA designers work hard to incorporate innovation into every project, setting industry benchmarks in design, quality, innovation, and value.

With the majority of LSA’s projects spanning Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, the Middle East is considered the ideal fit for the company’s everyday transactions due to its central location to the rest of the world. The Middle East region also shares great value synergies with LSA based on the market’s deep-rooted appreciation for luxury products and quality services.

Design Director, Anjali Goel said LSA was recognized as an internationally acclaimed design consulting firm synonymous with conceptualizing, engineering and delivering the world’s most distinguished projects. LSA’s core brand values; originality, prestige, perfection, and creativity are the building blocks to its success as an industry leader.

“LSA is empowered by its sense of self. The team is encouraged to imagine the future and embrace every challenge with an optimistic outlook. We are devoted to upholding the rich and trusted legacy of La Sorogeeka that has been built over the last three decades, and every project undertaken is a reflection of its provenance, whilst striving for continuous innovation. We listen to our clients, learning their preferences and creating original designs that suit each design brief, with “one size fits all” never considered an option,” Goel said.

LSA aims to provide clients with the most innovative solutions to their design needs. The design team continuously striving to deliver original designs that strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, delivering bespoke solutions to each client.

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About La Sorogeeka Associates (LSA)

Established in 1985, the Teraciel Group is a privately held, multidisciplinary company with business verticals in fields as diverse as Real Estate Contracting, Manufacturing, and Trading. Teraciel Group provides integrated service solutions that aim at “Empowering Prosperity” by redefining the modus operandi of the industries it works in through setting new standards in the scale of its ambition, speed of execution and quality of operations that eventually create the greatest benefits for its clients and the businesses associated to the company. With a mission to create value for all stakeholders, from customers, employees, investors, and other partners, Teraciel Group’s success is built not only by being leaders in the provision of its goods and services but more so because of its approach to the work and goodwill developed through the lives touched through each project.

Each vertical under Teraciel Group compliments one another, providing the Group with a competitive advantage. The company stands alone in its 360 offering; quality engineering, contracting and build development from Teraciel Engineering and Contracting; high quality stones and fine craftsmanship from Teraciel Marble Industries; bespoke services and tailor-made furniture masterpieces from ANCA; high standards of project and construction management for interior fit-outs by La Sorogeeka Interiors; a global perspective on architectural and interior design from La Sorogeeka Associates.

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