Say it with Alissar Flowers!

You can’t go wrong with a swish bouquet from Alissar Flowers, but make this Valentine’s Day even more memorable by ensuring you are sending your special someone the right signals with the perfect pick of roses.

Because Alissar Flowers are such romantics at heart, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day they’re also including balloons and chocolates for orders of AED300 and above, and balloons, chocolates plus a candle for orders of AED500 and above.

If you don’t want to put a foot wrong this Valentine’s Day, let Alissar Flowers guide you towards making a foolproof choice.

Innocent Charm


If your free-spirited loved one hates clichés, this delicate, pure bouquet will say, “I am the one for you,” this Valentine’s Day. Defying contrived arrangements, you won’t find a hint of baby’s breath anywhere in this classy creation.

Price: Starts at AED 1,000 from Alissar Flowers with love

Pure Love

The old-fashioned traditional way to say: “I love you,” nothing spells true love more than red roses. If you can’t imagine spending your life with anyone else, look no further than this spectacular bouquet.

Price: Starts at AED 500 from Alissar Flowers with love

The Enchanted Rose

If you’re falling for someone – and you’re falling hard – these beautiful sunset roses will help you to make that announcement to the new person in your life, with the subliminal message here being: “I’m falling in love with you.” With an arrangement like this, the feeling is bound to be mutual.

Price: Starts at AED2,000 from Alissar Flowers with love

Crimson Peak

The message is straightforward and to the point in this simple but striking bouquet: “I feel passionately about you.” With the circular arrangement signifying a never-ending love story, this is a bouquet that doesn’t mince its words.

Price: Starts at AED300 from Alissar Flowers with love

This promotion will be available online at and at Alissar Flowers International Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah Beach.

Chocolates and balloons will be included in flower orders for AED300 and above.          

Chocolates, balloons and one candle for will be included in flower orders for AED500 and above.

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