The talented culinary champions at The Noodle House create a must-try limited edition menu for lunar New Year celebrations in China

Dubai, UAE – 23 January 2019: Ahead of the annual Chinese New Year celebrations across Dubai, the award-winning sustainable champions at The Noodle House have created three specials running from 28th January through to 28th February.

The limited-edition menu starts with ingot-shaped chicken wontons (AED 38) cooked in duck-chilli broth. Inspired by a gold ingot – the pre-20th century Chinese currency – tradition states that when wontons are folded in an ingot shape, people are gifting friends and family plenty of good wealth for years to come.

Similarly, the stir-fried tangerine beef (AED 66), flavoured with garlic, chili and chives and served with a portion of steamed Jasmine rice, is steeped in ritual. According to Chinese lore, eating and displaying tangerines and oranges is believed to bring good luck and fortune due to the pronunciation of the words, and even writing.

Dessert lovers will not be disappointed with steamed Lotus buns served with a sweetened Osmanthus flower (AED 36). The sweet, lotus-filled dumplings represent togetherness and reunion, while the Osmanthus means noble – a meaningful creation to end the New Year meal.

“Our Chinese New Year menu puts Asia’s largest country under The Noodle House’s Asian Soul Food spotlight – we are sure the limited-edition concept will be a hit with regulars and the thousands of Chinese tourists who will be visiting the Emirate to bring in New Year celebrations,” said Stefan Borchardt, Brand Chef of The Noodle House.

For guests looking at additional a la carte dining options, The Noodle House new menu includes a spread of traditional dishes from across China, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and South Korea, topped with a dedicated street-food selection. In addition to the Chinese New Year menu, customers can elect some of the signature Chinese a la carte options which include Golden Duck, Shanghai Noodles, Sweet and Sour Prawns and Black Pepper Beef. Known as sustainable champions within the hospitality sector, having been among the first to ban the use of single-use superfluous straws in 2018, guests can also choose to order takeaway knowing The Noodle House offers green, compostable ‘Vegware’ packaging for all its takeaway offerings.

About The Noodle House

Launched in Dubai in 2002, The Noodle House – operated by Jumeirah Restaurant Group, Dubai’s leading homegrown restaurant management company – has built a reputation as one of the city’s leading fast casual restaurant brands.

With six dine-in locations and four dedicated delivery hubs in Dubai alone, The Noodle House was relaunched in August 2017 as a fast, fresh Asian soul food concept with a simple ‘sticks-hands-spoon’ mantra, which simply means enjoying fast and fresh Asian food the way it’s been eaten for generations: with chopsticks, your hands or a spoon.

For more information on dine-in options or to order home delivery, visit or call 800-NOODLE (666.353).

About JRG Dubai

JRG Dubai was established in 2015 as the global restaurant management company of the Jumeirah Group. As experienced F&B leaders, JRG Dubai operates and develops restaurants and dining outlets ranging from home-grown high-end, premium-casual, casual dining venues, and lounges.

The current JRG Dubai portfolio includes Al Nafoorah, Flow, Pai Thai, Perry & Blackwelder’s, Pierchic, Segreto, The Noodle House, and Trattoria Toscana. Combined, JRG Dubai represents a number of branches worldwide, with the group continually developing its brands through a series of refurbishments, menu overhauls, talent acquisition and marketing excellence.

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