HUAWEI nova 4: Everything you need to know about the smartphone that introduced the Punch Display to the market

Huawei celebrates the turn of the year with the launch of the latest edition of the nova series, the HUAWEI nova 4 which happens to be setting the trend of the new bezel-less screens, the new ‘Punch display’ – Huawei’s latest iteration of the FullView display. The HUAWEI nova 4 is continuing the nova series’ legacy, which stands out amidst other mid-range smartphone brands by offering a great technology for good value, through the integration of premium features such as the innovative and disruptive Punch display design with the industry’s smallest under display 25MP AI selfie camera, a 20MP triple camera with a wide angle lens, 8GB+128GB of storage for a smooth entertainment user experience.

A new generation of bezel-less: the Punch display

The HUAWEInova 4’s Punch display is a striking sight, mirroring the latest and most sophisticated generation of FullView display offering a larger screen real-estate area than any of its predecessors. Instead of a notch, the HUAWEI nova 4’s front camera is located at the upper left corner of the device, under a small opening. This allows the device to annihilate its bezels, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of 86.3 percent (or 91.8 percent screen-to-TP ratio). The minimal-bezel view makes way for a fully immersive viewing experience which comes in especially handy when gaming or watching videos.

For one to fully appreciate the Punch display’s sophistication, a closer look at the science behind it is necessary, as there is more to it than meets the eye. Placing the camera under the screen was no easy task as the opening is a blind hole, meaning the hole does not go through the screen entirely. While this enables Huawei to minimize its diameter (which is as small as 3.05mm, about 20 percent smaller than the industry average), it also causes light transmittance challenges as the blind hole leaves about 10 layers of glass above the camera, which could lead to light being absorbed, causing discoloration or blurry images, as well as light leakage. This challenge was overcome by finding an innovative alignment through which the camera’s specifications and performance were not compromised – enabling the user to enjoy a 6.4 inch screen, uninterrupted by a notch.

A powerful 20MP triple camera with a wide angle lens

The HUAWEI nova 4 comes equipped with a triple camera, becoming Huawei’s third device featuring one after the two flagship ones, the HUAWEI P20 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 20 series. The high-specs model features a triple-camera module consisting of a 20MP camera, a 16MP camera that is augmented with ultra-wide angle camera lens and a 2MP depth camera.

The 20MP primary camera captures with extreme clarity utilizing 1/2.8-inch IMX 350 sensor. The extreme resolution allows the device to capture the finest details, whether for shooting portraits or landscapes – and helps to enhance the quality of digitally zoomed images.

Equipped with an ultra-wide angle lens, the 16MP camera supports a 117-degree field of view. After adjusting for distortion, its performance is equivalent to a 103-degree 17mm wide angle lens, capturing 2.4 times more information compared to 78-degree wide angle lens. Together, the 20MP high resolution camera and the 16MP ultra wide angle one support a magnification range from 0.6x to 10x, making the HUAWEI nova 4 the perfect device for capturing endless plains and sprawling metropolis.

Large storage for an immersive user experience

In order to ensure a great user experience, the HUAWEI nova 4 is incorporated with one of the most advanced Huawei processors, the Kirin 970 chipset – the offering a high-capacity memory in its hardware configuration – with 8GB memory and storage capacity of 128GB – ensuring a top performance when running daily apps and playing games. The device runs smoothly and efficiently, and is ensured to maintain a solid performance on the long run.

A robust 25MP AI Selfie camera

In keeping with the nova series’ high selfie standard, The HUAWEI nova 4’s 25MP front camera integrates AI Beautification, offering a full range of beauty services from makeup to styling. It beautifies users naturally and subtly, amplifying their beauty by giving them brighter eyes with fine eyeshadow, pout lips, straighter and sharper noses. Images end up highlighting the users’ best features, and minimizing any flaws.

Customized beautification is based on different facial features. Skin tones and facial structure can be enhanced naturally and effectively for various styles. The powerful AI in the device has learned from millions of photos to study the rules to beauty. Furthermore, with Kirin 970’s NPU, the HUAWEI nova 4 offers a trove of beautification options. The One-Click Beautification can save users from having to manually retouch photos, so they can spend more time taking better selfies instead.


HUAWEI nova 4 (8GB + 128GB) is available in two fashionable colors: Crush Blue that evokes a sense of mystery with a tinge of romance; and the Black that exudes understated class. Consumers will be able to pre-order HUAWEI nova 4 starting February 8 and can purchase the device online and across select retailers in the UAE starting from February 14 at a price of AED1799