Samsung Showcases a New Era of Products at MENA Forum 2019

  • Samsung is investing in next-generation technologies to enhance its product ecosystem across all categories
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S10 marks a decade of premium innovation, while the Galaxy Fold breaks ground for an entirely new category of smartphone
  • Intelligent connectivity has been refined with the QuickDrive™ washing machine and Wind-Free™ air conditioner, while convenience in the kitchen comes to life with Samsung’s 4 Door and Side by Side 3 Door Refrigerator lineups
  • Samsung is redefining the in-home entertainment experience by bringing larger, smarter, more powerful 8K QLED TVs to the MENA region

ANTALYA — March 10, 2019 — Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa (MENA), showcased the next generation of smart and intuitive innovations with technological advances aimed at reducing friction in consumers’ everyday lives. Samsung is committed to providing leading technologies and building on its existing strengths to shape a new era where innovation and smarter integration across its device ecosystem will deliver consumers personalized experiences to transform their everyday.

Celebrating a decade of innovation, perfected, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 sets a new standard for smartphone devices with smarter intelligence and dynamic connectivity to redefine what consumers have come to expect from technology. Reiterating its commitment towards enhancing consumers’ lives so they can do more of what they can’t, Samsung also reflected on 50 years as a world-class leader in the technology and innovation space.

During the forum, innovative new products were showcased, including the 98” 8K QLED, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold, the Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator, Side by Side 3 Door lineup, QuickDrive™ washing machine and Wind-Free™ air conditioner.

In addition to its new products, Samsung revealed how the integration of Bixby 2.0 in its QLED lineup is redefining the conventions of TV with enhanced voice capabilities and interactivity in both English and French.

“Our undeterred commitment towards providing meaningful innovations that enrich consumer’s lives builds on our proud legacy of innovation,” said Sungwan Myung, President of Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa. “Over the past year, we continued to drive the boundaries of innovation across all product categories. In 2019, we will strive for perfection to ensure our innovations transform lifestyles throughout the MENA region and allow customers the freedom to do more of what they can’t,” he added.

During the Forum, Samsung conducted its annual docent program for attendees to experience the new products. Similar to a guided museum tour, guests got a first-hand look at what Samsung has in store for the year ahead.

A Larger, Smarter, More Powerful Era of TV:

Samsung unveiled how it is combining the latest in hardware and software to redefine the TV at the 2019 MENA Forum. Previewing its Micro LED technology, the company revealed the future of intelligent, advanced displays. With no boundaries and endless possibilities, these displays represent Samsung’s drive to break down the barriers of ratio, size, and to become bezel free for unlimited dimensions and fully immersive viewing experiences.

Showcasing its cutting-edge technology with the 98” 8K QLED TV, Samsung revealed how 8K technology will enhance the viewing experience even further and bring an entirely new era of viewing capabilities. Embedded with a Quantum Processor 8K chip, the 2019 QLED lineup delivers the best in picture quality, design and smart features in more sizes than ever in stunning resolution. Whether watching content through a streaming service, set-top box, HDMI, USB or even mobile screen mirroring, Samsung’s proprietary AI-based technology can recognize and upscale any content, regardless of the native resolution, to near pristine 8K quality.

Outlining breakthroughs in its content partnerships, on a global level Samsung has built on its ever-expanding content partner network to give Samsung customers in over 100 countries access to enjoy iTunes Movies and TV Shows. This significant partnership will give consumers more choice and allow them to watch their iTunes purchases and browse the entire iTunes Store conveniently through their Samsung Smart TVs. Additionally, Samsung is expanding its SmartPack VOD platform across the MENA region. In partnership with top local content providers Shahid, STARZ PLAY and Weyyak, Samsung plans to expand the SmartPack platform partnerships and content offerings over the coming years.

Samsung also showcased the latest in Soundbar innovations at the MENA Forum, presenting the Q70 Soundbar for 2019. In collaboration with Harman Kardon, the Q70 Soundbar elevates the audiovisual experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies, which deliver state-of-the-art immersive theater sound that flows overhead and around users to produce groundbreaking 3D space realism. Additionally, AI Sound adjusts audio in real time to effectively improve its quality with optimal sound modes, while 4K Pass-Through delivers simultaneously rich audio and picture quality to transmit content without compromising the true surround sound experience.

Shaping A New Era of Intuitive, Intelligent Living:

This year’s MENA Forum showcases a lineup of convenient innovations that perfectly fit in the era of intuitive, intelligent living and convenience in all four corners of the home. These developments offer a richer, more refined user experience that rapidly transforms the home and enables users to enjoy seamless living in a world of intelligent experiences.

Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator with triple cooling technology provides the ultimate freshness at precise temperature and control. This enables consumers the ability to keep food fresher for longer thanks to optimized moisture and humidity levels. With the Flex Zone space, the independently controlled compartment provides endless benefits and keeps food at optimum temperatures.

Samsung’s Side-by-Side 3 Door refrigerator lineup takes into account consumers’ growing needs for capacity, design and convenience. Built with a large capacity and the unique Twin Cooling System, this fridge optimizes temperature and humidity levels to retain freshness for longer. With preset temperature modes, it is adaptable and saves energy depending on user requirements.

Presenting the QuickDrive™ washing machine; a revolutionary laundry technology that reduces washing time by up to 50%, without compromise on cleaning performance, allowing users to start, stop, and monitor their wash cycle from their other connected devices. The QuickDrive™ washer also features Samsung’s intelligent laundry assistant, which uses AI to provide automatic recommendations for optimal washing cycles. With the signature Samsung AddWash feature, users can add items of clothing to a QuickDrive™ cycle, even if a wash is already underway.

Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner, uses a first-of-its-kind two-step cooling system that dramatically reduces energy consumption and, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, can be controlled remotely.

A Decade of Galaxy Innovations

Celebrating 10 years of technological triumph across the Galaxy range, Samsung showcased an ecosystem of mobile products which are designed to intelligently redefine the capabilities of smartphones like never before. Marking a decade since the launch of the first Galaxy S series, today’s Galaxy devices are testament to Samsung’s proud legacy of delivering meaningful innovation to meet consumers’ needs.

Among the innovations showcased, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 delivers premium mobile experiences through display, camera and performance innovations. Created for those who want more of everything, the Galaxy S10 offers an all-new Dynamic AMOLED display for a full screen experience, with the added benefit of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. In addition to this, new camera technology gives consumers professional capabilities, while intelligent performance features make the Galaxy S10 the smartest device yet, from the inside out.

With the unveil of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, 10 years of meaningful Galaxy innovation has unfolded an entirely new category of smartphone. Functioning as a smartphone and a tablet, but folded into one, the Galaxy Fold is the world’s first 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display, which folds into a compact device thanks to folding display material. Driven by bigger and better form factors, the Galaxy Fold was designed with users in mind for the ultimate experience, whether working, playing, or sharing.

Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem expands even further in 2019 with the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Gear Fit E and Galaxy Buds. Delivering consumers intelligent, convenient and innovative experiences, these wearables allow users the ability to track and monitor all aspects of their busy lifestyles and wellbeing so they can enjoy more balanced, connected living, even while on the go, at rest or at play.

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