Harklinikken’s Hair Regrowth Extract Treatment

Dubai, UAE; A pioneer in the science of hair regrowth, Harklinikken is renowned for unparalleled results. The Danish hair restoration clinic effectively treats hereditary hair loss in women and men that is customized to each client’s needs. Treatment is based on a proprietary liquid Extract, which when applied to the scalp daily, leads to stimulation of hair growth.

Harklinikken’s experienced hair specialists first assess clients and determine those who can be helped. Candidates can expect to see results after 3-4 months of treatment, both in terms of re-growth and in improvement of quality and texture of the new hair.

Extract consists of derivatives from burdock root and marigold that have been combined in a 3-step fermentation process. Each Extract is individually tailored and continually adjusted throughout the treatment process, as clients progress through the different stages.

“Living in the Middle East can be tough on the hair. Sun exposure, heat, humidity, nutrition and chemicals from water have an influence on hair condition, but these are not the only things that might have a negative influence on hair quality and appearance; lifestyle plays a huge role here as well. For many, hair loss can be a traumatic experience that challenges the way we see ourselves,” said Lars Skjoth, Founder & Head Scientist at Harklinikken.

Harklinikken not only helps clients with thinning hair and hair loss issues, but also those wishing to maintain healthy, beautiful hair. In addition to its proprietary restoration treatment, Harklinikken offers an extensive range of haircare products from shampoos to conditioners, styling products and leave-in nourishing masks, all containing no artificial colour, perfume, silicone, sls/sles, petrochemicals, parabens or other problematic preservatives.

All Harklinikken products are available at the Jumeirah clinic and on the newly introduced Middle East web shop: www.harklinikken.ae


Harklinikken’s exclusive hair clinics are located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Reykjavik, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Tampa, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai.

The clinics offer 100% customized treatment for hair loss, based on proprietary products, pioneering techniques and unique treatment systems. Founder Lars Skjoth and his team have treated over 100,000 clients since the first Harklinikken opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1992.

The company is now widely recognised as the leading hair loss treatment facility in the world, thanks not only to its unrivalled results but to an unwavering focus on ethics, transparency, and outstanding patient trust.

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