Lausanne Tourism Introduces its Premium Shopping Destinations to the World

 Lausanne, 03 April 2019: The Swiss city of Lausanne, one of the newest and fastest growing cities for shopping in Europe is developing and promoting its exceptional portfolio of retail and F&B outlets before the upcoming tourist season.

Its tourism body Lausanne Tourism revealed a new strategy aimed at attracting shoppers to the city while also setting new standards for global shoppers. With Lausanne’s streets acting as a gateway to many of the world’s most sought after brands, the city offers much more than just a retail experience, bringing together the best of each destination for travellers searching for special lifestyle, apparel and home souvenirs. Partnerships with hundreds of different brand partners means visitors access a wide range of the world’s leading fashion labels but are also introduced to exciting local designers, with shops offering exceptional discounts, year-round.

The biggest tourist draw is the medieval architecture of the old town and the second most visited site, the Place Saint-François, which makes for the perfect view to relish a drink or sample traditional pastries and cakes in one of the many tea rooms.

No matter what you’re looking for, Lausanne is a shopping haven offering an exquisite and unparalleled collection of ready-to-wear and leather goods. Shop the best from Hermès, Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hublot, and Louis Vuitton, all of which are situated within close proximity to the Rue de Bourg and Place Saint-François right at the heart of the old town.

For an added layer of safety, comfort and convenience, the city centre is pedestrianised making it ideal for tourists to simply take a stroll along the Rue de Bourg which is flanked with charming shops, and cosy cafes each of which boasts its own distinctive personality.

The Director of GCC Markets at Lausanne Tourism, Walter Loser said, “Lausanne’s retail and leisure sector continues to grow, thanks to our strategic partners’ ongoing efforts to diversify the city’s shopping scene and offerings. We are excited to be one of the leading retail destinations and cater to the lifestyles of the diverse consumer mix offering the best of F&B, entertainment, and attractions”.

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