Jazz musician Paolo Fresu wears an Eberhard & Co. timepiece

The renowned Sardinian musician – a trumpet virtuoso and one of the most significant exponents of modern jazz – has always loved watches and is a great fan of the brand. He now joins the ranks of ambassadors for the Swiss watchmakers, who have chosen the Chrono 4 for him. This timepiece, whose special patented device with four aligned counters has revolutionised the way we tell the time, will accompany him on all his forthcoming, much-awaited musical appointments and in his everyday life. A unique watch for an incomparable talent.

This artiste is becoming increasingly well-known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad for having given prestige to the new wave of European jazz with his forays into pop and art music, as well as his passion and generosity, which have helped open up new roads and brought it closer to an ever-growing audience. His elegant style, the charm of his personality and the magic that emanates from his trumpet fully express the character of the model that has been selected for him and which the musician has chosen to wear.

“Eberhard’s Chrono 4 beats swing time. The passion and emotion of jazz meet the perfection and lyricism of craftsmanship turned art” Paolo Fresu declared.

“We are pleased to welcome Paolo Fresu into the community of our brand ambassadors”, affirmed Mario Peserico, Managing Director of Eberhard & Co. “We are honoured that it was him who told us about his passion for our watches and we did not hesitate for a moment in selecting the most suitable model for this extraordinary talent to wear at all his upcoming musical exploits”.

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