Dubai, UAE,March 2019 – Verni Art Salon, the newest addition to the Ajwa portfolio, opened its doors to guests this month. Located in Sultanahmet, the Old City of Istanbul, the three-story gallery aims to add a novel cultural flourish to the area by offering a luxury arts and crafts space in a unique setting.

The Verni Art Salon is housed in a historic shipping warehouse dating back to 1571to build galleys running between two shores. A short walking distance away from Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet,the gallery is part of the city’sremarkable fabric of historical buildings. After careful restoration and renovation by Gülab Architecture,bringing together traditional architecture with modern décor including glass floors, electronic glass display units and exposed brick, the warehouse has a new lease of life and once again contributes to the rich heritage of the city.

The gallery showcases the history of the country and culture through its collection of traditional carpets, antiques, wood-carved furniture and mother of pearl handmade furniture.  When visitors step into the slick art space, they are taken on a journey through history with a number of antique pieces, traditional artefacts and custom design jewellery on show. Guests can walk into the dedicated carpet rooms and marvel at the intricate designs woven by hand, while learning from the knowledgeable Verni Art team the meaning behind the various patterns and symbols. 

Gallery rooms currently house paintings from renowned Azerbaijani artists such as Mikhail Abdullayev (1921-2002) and Sattar Bahlulzade (1909-1974), and are set tofeature a roster of various artists, with all displayed items available for purchase.

These spacious art gallery rooms are also an ideal meeting venue, offering state of the art equipment and seating 100 people for conferences, product launches, educational seminars and get-togethers that require a cultural touch with the gallery acting as an event space too.

The Verni Art Gallery is open to guests daily from 10am to 5pm, and requires no entry fee.

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmetpays homage to the rich tapestry of Turkish history through its impeccable detail oriented design.  As the first hotel within the Ajwa brand, the artistic masterpiece deftly combines some of the most exquisite cultural elementsto represent ‘Old Istanbul’. The pieces displayed at the Verni Art Gallery can be recognized throughout the hotel – the furniture in the rooms, the art in the corridors and the rugs on the floors.

Boasting 61 rooms spread across nearly 7,000 square metres, the fully Halal property offers panoramic views of the Old Town and the Sea of Marmara.  Throughout Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet are: carvings made by Topkapi restorers, wooden and mother of pearl ornaments, handmade furniture, precious Tabriz silk carpets, valuable paintings by Azerbaijani artists, Seljuk and Ottoman inspired architecture, immaculate marble work and intricately handcrafted Iznik tiles.

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