The Moroccan National Tourist Office in Collaboration with Turkish Airlines Promotes Newly Launched Flights from Abu Dhabi to Marrakech

Earlier today, the Moroccan National Tourist Office for the Middle East headquartered in Abu Dhabi partnered with Turkish Airlines and Nirvana Travel & Tourism to host a promotional event for the airline’s newly launched flight from Abu Dhabi to Marrakech with a layover at Istanbul.

The event that was held at Bab Al Qasr Hotel and attracted more than 60 travel agents, tourism companies and a media delegation from the UAE, was a platform for the hosts to announce the new route (Abu Dhabi – Istanbul – Marrakech) which anticipates a boost in tourist numbers from the UAE to Morocco.

Mohamed Sadiq Chakir, Director for the Moroccan National Tourist Office for the Middle East said in a statement, “We are delighted to host this workshop in collaboration with Turkish Airlines to announce and promote the new flights from Abu Dhabi to Marrakech, Morocco via Istanbul, Turkey. This flight offers residents of the UAE, the opportunity to combine the wonderful attractions of Istanbul and the unmatched sights of Marrakech into one holiday experience. Additionally, the new route also provides an air connection tailored to the needs of Moroccans living in the UAE”.

Chakir added, “Turkish Airlines’ new route is poised to be a significant factor that contributes to an increase in the number of tourists travelling from the UAE and the GCC region to Morocco. We have held successful meetings with various travel agents, holiday providers and tourist companies to create diverse family programs that combine the rich heritage and urban sights of Marrakech”.

He revealed that the Moroccan National Tourist Office’s primary objective is to promote the ancient city of Marrakech and work towards introducing direct flights to the city to make it more accessible for potential travelers. “Marrakech is the ideal family destination for residents, especially because it is convenient to get there, what with the availability of flights via Riyadh or Istanbul”.

The General Manager of Turkish Airlines Abu Dhabi, Hasan Demir commented, “Through our cooperation with the Moroccan National Tourist Office for the Middle East, we can offer an ideal service for residents of the UAE and the GCC region to indulge in memorable and fun holidays in Istanbul and Marrakech. Being able to experience the essence of both the great cities is economical, convenient and overall idyllic.”

He confirmed that the ripple effect from the launch of the new flights will be witnessed through the growth of tourist numbers from the GCC region to Marrakech and in general, to Morocco.

“Marrakech is renowned across the globe for being the last remaining Islamic city with its signature outer wall intact. Moreover the city stands out with its thriving nature- be it the splendor of its ecological gardens, palm groves, and the fruit orchards. It also attracts food enthusiasts with its distinct cuisine, characterized for being rich, unique and utterly delectable,” concluded Demir.

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