Coachella Beauty Survival Guide             

The annual Coachella music festival is here; held in the Colorado desert Coachella bridges the gap between fashion, music and beauty. And to help facilitate this is FOREO. FOREO, the Swedish beauty technology powerhouse, has revolutionised skincare technology with its range of devices aimed to improve facial and dental care. The LUNA 2 range has been awarded countless Beauty Awards, and has set a new standard for how women can take care of their skin, and improve it as well.

Constant sun exposure due to being outside can be damaging for the skin. Given how Coachella is held in the desert – ensuring that your skin is glowing on the go is crucial! So lather on that sunscreen before your makeup, and once it’s all over let FOREO help you remove all the glitter, makeup and dirt!

Here are our top picks to carry with you to the sunny state of California, for the even sunnier festival!

UFO Mini:

The mini version of the larger UFO, this device harnesses the power of Korean sheet mask formulas coupled with cryotherapy, vibration and thermo-therapy to give you beautiful skin! Completely waterproof, 90 seconds is all you need for your skin to look extraterrestrial. Spa therapies in the middle of the desert? Count us in!

Another tip? Pair it with the H2Overdose mask to restore lost moisture and bounce.

LUNA Mini 2:

The mini version of the famous LUNA 2, the Mini 2 will have you looking as fresh as the tracks being played at the festival. T-Sonic pulsations are combined with bacteria-resistant silicone to get rid of 99.5% impurities, so you can say goodbye to any glitter residue on your skin. Additionally, waterproof design with 8 customisable intensities means you can get a deep cleanse even in the shower!


The sun and parties can take a heavy toll on your skin. Banish the effects with the FOREO Espada. Laser focused blue LED light technology coupled with T-Sonic pulsations get rid of blemishes and pimples. Waterproof and with 300 charges on a single use, the ESPADA is your best friend in the fight against acne.


Keep that smile selfie ready with the ISSA 2. It combines a completely waterproof design with style and function to give you sparkling teeth at any time of day.

The soft and gentle silicon bristles do not hurt your gums and teeth the way traditional brushes do, and you get  365 days of brushing for only 1-hour charge.

FOREO is available in-store at Sephora, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, Virgin Megastore, Dubai Duty Free, and online at ​ and ​ as well as many other premium retail and online channels across the Middle East.

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